Continuity 101


In filmmaking, there’s this thing called continuity…which consists of paying attention to the little things so you don’t make a big mistake. Continuity errors are when something obvious changes within a scene. For example, a man is wearing a blue shirt. When you cut away and then back to him, he’s wearing a yellow shirt. Now nine read more »

SEO – Simple, Efficient, Optimization


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; when it comes to Youtube, optimize, optimize, optimize!! Seriously – it takes only a few minutes of your time and makes a HUGE impact on the amount of views you get. Aside from – well – making a good video, this is the most important element read more »

30 Seconds or Less


One significant element to consider when shooting a commercial is how long the spot is going to be. Longer productions require more filming and a greater amount of editing, so it would stand to reason that they would be trickier to produce, right? Not necessarily. We have found that it can be quite difficult to read more »

Why Storytelling is More Influential Than Selling


​In part one of our Infomercial vs. Commercial debate, we talked about how the main idea associated with infomercials is ‘annoying.’ Let’s be honest, there’s no quicker way to get us to switch channels than hearing the familiar Oxyclean advertisement, or one similar to it. Infomercials are highly identifiable by their traditional approach to selling read more »

Tackling Analogies Through The Art of Animation

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In some of our past blogs, we’ve tried to highlight the benefits of using animation to deliver complex messages. You may think that what you’re advertising is too mature to be presented in an animated format, but you’d be surprised at just how potent a well-created animation can be. Matthew Johstone, writer and illustrator, recently joined read more »

Animation is More Than Cartoons

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We’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months trying to elucidate on the advantages of using animation to promote your company. If you’re a conservative business, you may have turned your nose up at our previous blogs thinking that animation isn’t a suitable form of marketing for your brand. What I want read more »



When I meet people in a networking environment I am often asked what sets Blueforest Studios apart from the other companies in town.  First we share our stories and talk about the company’s that we work for or own.  Then as we delve deeper the question comes up: Why should people choose Blueforest Studios rather than one of read more »

Raving About Ravetree

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If you’re part of a business, group, or club, you may have heard of Ravetree. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a service that may potentially be very beneficial to you. We recently produced a graphic video for Ravetree and were immediately impressed with this company and their ministrations. They specialize in organizational tools and read more »

Jingles All the Way

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Imagine: you’re lounging on the couch watching the Panthers dominate in last Sunday’s football game. At the halftime commercial break, you hear the distinctive voice of your worker on television. Suddenly you realize…it’s YOUR commercial! That’s the experience our CEO, Russ Reynolds, had last weekend when the spot for the Leith Toyota came on. Leith read more »

How Many Likes Should Your YouTube Video Have?

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So the question always comes up about how to make videos go viral. But I like to ask: how do we make a video effective? In order to make your video effective (after you’ve hired Blueforest Studios to produce an awesome video), you need to do a little Video SEO.  I know it sounds like voodoo to some but it’s really read more »