5 Ways to Improve Video Quality at your Fundraising Event


So, you have a fundraising event coming up and you have a beautiful video to show that is going to make people cry and then open up their pocketbooks? The last thing you want is to have your fundraiser packed to the gills with folks ready to watch it and then when the lights go read more »

Appearing on camera? Here are 5 tips!


About to appear on camera? Got a case of the heebie jeebies? We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 tips that the pros use to make sure you look and sound great. #1 Sit on your coat. If you are wearing a coat or blazer, sit in your coat to avoid the dreaded ‘coat bunch’. read more »

TriFilm Panel Discussion UPDATE: March 19th!


Here at Blueforest Studios we are very excited to be hosting the TriFilm Society Panel Discussion: Logistics of A Project. It will focus on how to get started with your subjects and ideas all the way to the finishing the end film product! The panelists will share their insights and expertise in regards to filmmaking. read more »

Meet the Judges Panel for Blueforest GivesBack!


Now that our First Annual Video Giveaway Blueforest Gives Back has officially stopped accepting applications, we are excited to announce the judges panel. These judges will be responsible for reviewing and voting on which local nonprofit will be the winner of our giveaway! Introducing…   Jay Shapiro Jay Shaprio is the voice on many of our projects. He read more »

Super Bowl 2015 Ads – Why did they do that?


Let’s be honest, the Super Bowl is not only about football but all about the advertisements. They’re everywhere whether we are aware of them or not: months before Super Bowl, during the playtime, and after the game. What makes the Super Bowl so grand is how it connects Americans through this one social event. Even read more »

Everyone’s Favorite Day for Commercials: The Big Game


My favorite commercial in the last several years comes from the “Big Game” of 2011. I’ve been a humongous Star Wars fan since my parents took me to see the films in the 90’s when they were being digitally remastered and shown in theaters again. If you’re reading this you probably know which commercial I’m read more »

Tips for Looking Your Best On Camera


Are you appearing on camera soon? Whether it’s for an impromptu shoot, a professional corporate web video, or tv there are a few things you can do to make yourself look your best! Take a deep breath. – If your heart is beating a thousand beats a minute it’s okay. Lower your chin down a read more »

Audio Restoration: A Powerful Tool In An Evolving Field

Audio Signals

Most days of the week, while working on sound design or composing music, I will have a moment when I reflect on how much the world of audio and music production has changed so quickly in the relatively short amount of time I have been in this profession. I remember upgrading from my old Gateway read more »

The Power of the Play Button


I find myself scrolling through pictures on my iPhone often. I like to reminisce. Mixed in with the pictures are some videos I’ve taken — mostly of my kids. Both my toddler son and daughter love to grab my phone any chance they get. And I find it fascinating to watch what they do once read more »

Blueforest Gives Back – Triangle Nonprofit Video Giveaway


We love a great story! And, we know that many nonprofit agencies have great stories about why they were founded, the people that they serve, and the impact that they are making in the community. That’s just one of the reasons we love working with nonprofit organizations. In the past, we’ve received many requests from nonprofits read more »