Choosing a DIY Video or Hiring a Video Professional


Choosing between a DIY video or hiring a professional to make your video? There are different factors that you might not be aware of that are essential to consider. Both options have pros and cons, depending on the video content and why the video is being made. Anyone can pick up a camera and make read more »

Stop by Blueforest Studios!! – AIGA Studio Tour ’15 November 5th


Blueforest Studios is a stop on the AIGA Studio Tour ’15. What does that mean? AIGA Raleigh holds a studio tour where everyone is invited to travel to different creative studios on the list. Every studio will have various activities for the attendees. So why come to Blueforest Studios? Open and free to everyone, we’re read more »

YouTube Thumbnails & Social Media Placement

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.13.47 PM

There are so many facets to think about when creating and marketing a video. Sometimes you don’t think of minor details that might not seem important but actually have a huge impact on your audience – including how the thumbnail looks on various channels.  We produced an amazing video for our client yet LinkedIN insists on grabbing read more »

What’s so special about Millennials?


There has been endless discussion about millennials – what to do with them, how to reach them, how to get them to stay interested in you and your product, etc. Why? If you haven’t heard the term millennial thrown around, where have you been?! They are the age group born between 1980 and 2000 and read more »

Rainy day rappelling – Over the Edge 2015


Over the Edge is a fundraising event where people raise money for the Special Olympics of NC and then rappel down the Wells Fargo building. The beginning of October had unpleasant weather conditions in the Triangle: grey skies with rain and wind. October 3 wasn’t any different, making for difficult rappelling conditions. Because of this, read more »

Draw attention to technical videos – RTP

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Ever see a boring video filled with statistics and facts that just keeps droning on to no end? Sure these numbers are important, but you just can’t seem to capture the viewer’s interest. So how does Blueforest Studios communicate complicated ideas in a way that gets people to pay attention? Keep reading. We have many clients in read more »

Nonprofit Storytelling Seminar Recap!

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Our nonprofit-focused seminar, led by creative director Ammon Ehrisman explored how to impact and reach your audience with great storytelling. The seminar began with the video Blueforest Studios did for the American Heart Association. Ammmon asked us to remember one fact – “Survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest improve 400% when the victim receives immediate CPR”. After read more »

Edmund’s All-Weather Firestarter Success


Blueforest Studios has done many content videos for All-Weather Firestarter, a survivor tool that starts fires in any condition. Recently, owner and creator Edmund Villarreal was contacted by the casting producer of CNBC to be on the show “West Texas Investors Club” and pitch his product to investors. This was Edmund’s goal, to be able to demonstrate read more »

The Growth of Video Content Marketing


As technology and how we access products change, audiences turn to videos to learn more about the products and companies they’re interested in. Videos attract customers and help them to understand the product and company further. Video is a necessary addition to content marketing because of its direct reach to potential clients. When Blueforest Studios read more »

Fonts for Dummies


You may be thinking “I don’t know anything about design, how do I deal with type in my project?” “Should I make the text on my video neon pink?” “Why is my bellybutton on backwards?” We can help you with two out of three of those questions. Let’s get started. The font of a text controls how read more »