When I meet people in a networking environment I am often asked what sets Blueforest Studios apart from the other companies in town.  First we share our stories and talk about the company’s that we work for or own.  Then as we delve deeper the question comes up: Why should people choose Blueforest Studios rather than one of read more »

Raving About Ravetree

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If you’re part of a business, group, or club, you may have heard of Ravetree. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a service that may potentially be very beneficial to you. We recently produced a graphic video for Ravetree and were immediately impressed with this company and their ministrations. They specialize in organizational tools and read more »

Jingles All the Way

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Imagine: you’re lounging on the couch watching the Panthers dominate in last Sunday’s football game. At the halftime commercial break, you hear the distinctive voice of your worker on television. Suddenly you realize…it’s YOUR commercial! That’s the experience our CEO, Russ Reynolds, had last weekend when the spot for the Leith Toyota came on. Leith read more »

How Many Likes Should Your YouTube Video Have?

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So the question always comes up about how to make videos go viral. But I like to ask: how do we make a video effective? In order to make your video effective (after you’ve hired Blueforest Studios to produce an awesome video), you need to do a little Video SEO.  I know it sounds like voodoo to some but it’s really read more »

The Newest Tool in Marketing: LinkedIn Video Ads


A source from Reel SEO recently reported on a blog from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions that stated the professional networking site would now accept video ads in order for their clients to market to other business professionals. All it requires is a YouTube URL to a video of maximum 30 seconds and some simple text to go with the video. read more »

Basic Lighting for your Video Production


Lighting is one of the key elements in video production and it makes all the difference when it comes to the quality of your video. Here are some lessons we’ve learned in lighting over the years: The quality of your video sends a message about the quality of your product. Using good lighting can make a huge read more »

The Atlantic Creative Intern Experience

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Working as an intern for Blueforest Studios gave me the opportunity to better my skills for my career path by having the chance to do two voiceovers and allowing me to not only act in a video but be involved with editing. In addition, I was presented with the opportunity to view a screening along with read more »

Leveraging Your Video on Vimeo

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There are so many video sharing sites out there but one has reigned supreme for the past few years.  YouTube is great for sharing funny cat videos and even marketing videos that you’d like to have found in search.  But what about videos that are for a more targeted audience or for an interface that read more »

4k UHD


The latest video technology, used in such featured films as The Amazing Spiderman and The Great Gatsby, has come to Blueforest Studios. Heralded as the best picture quality on the market, 4k film is often shot on cameras manufactured by Red Digital Cinema Company, established by sunglass mogul Jim Jannard: the founder of Oakley. While read more »

The Top 4 Reasons You Should Care About 4k


If you are reading this article, I assume you’ve heard of 4k at this point.  If you’re still not sure what it is, here’s a brief overview. You’ve heard of 1080p which is a video with a resolution of 1920×1080. That’s a lot of pixels and produces some great images on your home TV if read more »