Nonprofit Storytelling Seminar


We were so happy to host our first seminar in a series of monthly events that we’re offering here at Blueforest Studios. The seminar focused on how nonprofits can convey their personal stories in an compelling manner in order to inspire interest and make a lasting impression on anyone they may encounter. It also raised read more »

The Why, Where, What, and When of the Animated GIF


WHY Cute kittens and klutzy kids have been using animated GIFs for years to showcase their particular brand of cute. But the animated GIF isn’t all fun and games. Okay, it’s mostly fun and games. But who says marketing can’t be fun every once in awhile? Because we’re a video company, motion is kind of read more »

A Vision of the Future


The need for video is growing. Youtube just passed Facebook as the largest social media site (according to Reel SEO). People are spending more time watching video on smart phones, tablets, and computers than ever before. Marketers know that video is key to improved engagement, brand awareness, and increased conversions. Check out some of these read more »

Blueforest’s ‘Best’ Hits


It’s been about a year and a half since The Amazing Donald Best zoomed into the Blueforest Studios office, wowing us with his powers of audio production. A little background story on this melodic superhero – it was the late, great Micheal Jackson who inspired Donald’s love of music at the ripe age of five. read more »

The Latest Trend in Television: 4K UHD


The digital world is evolving and unless businesses want their video content to go the way of the dinosaurs, our production techniques have to start evolving too. Capitol Broadcasting Company recently attended the ATSC Broadcast Television Conference and spoke about plans to transition into a new television broadcast standard. In addition to reviewing highlights of the read more »

Press Release: Blueforest Studios Grows out of Atlantic Creative Communications


Blueforest Studios Grows out of Atlantic Creative Communications Integrated video production company experiences growth with its BlueBoost process RALEIGH, N.C., July 10, 2014 –Experiencing year-over-year growth and evolving into the Triangle’s premier integrated video production company, Atlantic Creative Communications is pleased to announce its new name: Blueforest Studios. Blueforest Studios is unique from other video read more »

Production is Only Half the Battle


There’s a problem with the video production industry today. It’s that there are so many great videos that don’t get viewed. Why is this? Because there’s a disconnect between video producers and marketing teams. A company may have spent the time and money on making a compelling and informative video, but if they haven’t spent read more »



 Wondering what the 300 is about? No, it’s not the movie – there aren’t any spartans. Just your friends, family and employees whom you need to convince to watch your video within the first 24 hours it’s posted. While they are watching it, they should like it and share it if it’s appropriate. #Google and #YouTube read more »

Rebranding: The Why and the How


There comes a point in nearly every business’ lifespan where rebranding becomes a necessity.  Whether that change comes in an attempt to gain more customers, influence investors, stay ahead of the competition, or a combination of all three, a company will ultimately face the day when their current brand no longer reflects those needs. A read more »

Are We Hiding from Someone?

I didn't do it.

There have been a lot of misconceptions about why we decided to rebrand. Last week I mentioned to a friend that my company was rebranding, to which he replied, “When a company decides to rebrand it means what they’re doing isn’t working.” Wrong. In actuality, we had our best quarter in history before we even started rebranding. read more »