The Newest Tool in Marketing: LinkedIn Video Ads

A source from Reel SEO recently reported on a blog from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions that stated the professional networking site would now accept video ads in order for their clients to market to other business professionals. All it requires is a YouTube URL to a video of maximum 30 seconds and some simple text to go with the video.

As we all know, the primary appeal for advertising on LinkedIn is its targeting power. Fortunately, video ads allow you to target by a wide variety of factors such as location, company, job title, school, skills, group, gender, and age.

According to the source at Reel SEO, LinkedIn’s establishment as a social network of professionals could ensure it’s suitability to reach the exact audience you want in the realms of company, job title, and skill set. Video ads could serve as the perfect targeting solution for products like business software and services, online video platforms, and video production services. Check out the article and see what you think.  Tell us what has worked for you!

Your next question might be who can create short effective ads for use on LinkedIN?  You might have guessed that we would be happy to help.  Check out this 15-second TV spot that we created.  If we can convey all that information in 15-seconds we can certainly help with LinkedIN ads!

How to Utilize Video to Make a Crowdfunding Campaign Successful

Have you built a great product that targets a specific niche market? Have a functional prototype that will knock the socks off potential customers? Then you’ve probably considered a crowdfunding campaign.

Here’s how you run a video crowdfunding campaign to discover if your product, idea or software apppeals to your target market or the public. There are many factors that determine if your campaign will become successful or just a flop. We’re here to tell you that your demonstration or product video is the make-or-break tool for your entire campaign. People are visual. If you have a product that you are asking them to support, they want to see it and see your passion for it. Without those aspects why would anyone choose to spend their time and/or money to back it?

Qualities of a Good Video:

We’re not saying that your video must be a $25,000 professional video decked out with intense 3D graphics – but in order to succeed, your video will need to focus on at least these four main factors:

  1. Subject
  2. Lighting
  3. Audio
  4. Passion

This should go without saying, but there also needs to be good quality content in the video. Essentially, you need to tell a compelling story in a very limited amount of time. To craft a great story, you’ll need authentic (or humorous) characters. You’ll need to demonstrate that there is a particular problem and explain how your product or service can solve it. And relying on well-informed data ALWAYS helps get the message across.

We’d like to show you three examples and discuss three primary concepts that make or break a successful crowdfunding video with regards to telling your story and the story of your product/service:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Human Aspect
  3. How does it work?

Some examples that have been fully funded:

  • Simplicity – People don’t want to hear a long explanation about everything that makes you different or every detail that goes into your business. Simplify it. Check out this company that offers cloth and compostable diapering alternatives.  They don’t have the most high-tech video, but they did a great job explaining who they are, what they do, and how it’s better than an alternative. This video isn’t perfect, but it describes the more emotional benefits of the company as opposed to describing what makes their services work.
  • Human Aspect – For the most part, people are interested in the human aspect of things, not the technical details. Check out this video. It’s a great product with an amazing purpose, but the execution of the video falls short. If they would have shown the human aspect towards the beginning of the video than the viewer would be more likely to become emotionally attached. They managed to reach their goal, but it was in the last few days of their campaign. A shark tank winner, Tiffany Krumins who created the AVA Elephant Brand explained this concept well when she said “I believe they can see the passion I have for children and that matters to them. They want to know they are getting behind a good cause.”
  • How does it work? – In this video, the inventors tell us how their product is going to help the world and also gave details of what it would cost per day to operate their manned boat. They claim this cost is the reason there are not many ocean-going boats gathering data. They talk about what uses there are for the data which makes the viewer more likely to commit to help fund the product.

So basically, incorporating subject, lighting, audio, and passion into your campaign through the means of a video has proven to help people feel more compelled to give which in turn can help you reach your goal!! What are you waiting for? Start your crowdfunding campaign today!

Laura Faughtenberry

My Marketing Challenge & Downtown Raleigh Marketing

Last night we had the pleasure of networking at The Hive in downtown Raleigh at the Downtown Raleigh Marketing speaker series. We also had the opportunity to interview some brave souls for our upcoming video program entitled “My Marketing Challenge”.  We have found that there is so much talent and knowledge in this area and we really enjoy the meetups and networking events where we are able to learn more.  But we’re looking for another avenue to share that information with people who need it.  So being in the video business we are going to launch a video series with questions from business people in the area and answers from the experts in the field.  So in the future when you have a question about how to get exposure for your nonprofit or restaurant you will be able to find the answers online from experts!  Depending on the questions that we receive we may have answers from experts like Jeff Tippett of Calvert Creative on Winning Strategies, or Christina Blandi-James of CBJ Promotional Avenues on the perfect event, or perhaps our own Ammon Ehrisman on Telling Your Story.

So think about your questions and feel free to tweet them to us or to @DTRmarketing.  We will be filming at future events and would love to get you on camera.  And, watch out if you are one of the experts that we need because we’ll be looking for you to share your thoughts on camera too!

By the way, the event last night was a great success.  It was just about standing room only, The Hive is a great space, and we made many new friends. We learned about how to reach out to the media – hint – They are people too!  So make a personal connection with the appropriate reporters and get to know them and also how they like to be contacted.  One of the speakers does not want phone calls, while the other appreciates a call when he’s sorting through 100’s of emails and the third said you can text him if he’s given you his mobile number!  Also, being “people” they have limited time and cannot transport through time in order to be at your event when you give them very limited notice.  One thing that wasn’t mentioned but I’ve heard in the past is that reporters are often looking for sources or for experts.  So if you are an expert in Green Energy or Global Finance, let reporters who cover that beat know.  And, when the time comes and they call you – answer the phone and help them.

Last but not least a point that has been reiterated time and again and yet so many miss it.  Your story should be unique, well crafted and interesting.  Think about what’s different about you, your cause, or your business and why people should care!

Original Video Marketing by Carlsberg

If you watch TV, movies or anything where beer companies can advertise, you have likely seen the ads talking about their amazing process, awesome taste or just featuring
some beautiful women that any guy will get to talk to if he drinks the right beer.  Carlsberg has decided to take a different approach with their newest ad.  Check out this brief blog article by Simply Zesty and watch the video.

Now we have seen a few ads where the “mean guys” are really nice.  But this is a bit different in that there are unsuspecting couples who enter the theatre and they make different choices about what they are going to do based on the rest of the audience.  It is refreshing these days, pun intended, to see original ideas.  It does seem that while 60% of Hollywood releases are sequels and remakes, ad agencies are stepping it up and offering their clients better and more MEMORABLE ways to brand their product.  Now I don’t know what you consider success in these days of YouTube and DVR’s but over 5 Million views seems like they might just be getting their point across.  In fact, I might just check out Carlsberg at the store tonight.

Note:  If you’re looking for original ideas for your TV or Web Spots, I can recommend a great company – right here in Raleigh. And, some of our best work is coming out soon….. so stay posted.

Kathy Hughes Langfield
Marketing & Operations