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Raving About Ravetree

If you’re part of a business, group, or club, you may have heard of Ravetree. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a service that may potentially be very beneficial to you. We recently produced a graphic video for Ravetree and were immediately impressed with this company and their ministrations. They specialize in organizational tools and social networking. Within the last few months, it’s become a successful social app platform that’s been receiving a good deal of press lately.

The News & Observer recently gave a review of Ravetree by comparing and contrasting it with the social networking giant, Facebook. Like Facebook, Ravetree allows users to stay connected with others through an online platform. However, as founder Davidson Wicker states, Ravetree allows users to alternate between public and private feeds, is free from ads, and has many other functions for daily uses that Facebook lacks.

You can start an account for free, which gives you access to calendar and event management, secure file storage and sharing, social network portals, and various other useful features. Ravetree enhances community in the workplace by allowing co-workers to share information and discuss ideas. Everything about Ravetree is completely private; they don’t track browser history, sell personal information, and users can remain anonymous. For more information about how Ravetree can help your company thrive, check out their website or watch our graphic video below. You can also see the video in our portfolio. Our next Ravetree video is currenty in the works. If graphic videos like these catch your eye, we’d be happy to help you promote your business or brand with one as well!