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Hospital’s Small Budget Video Produced Big Results

Small but Mighty

Blueforest Studios, video production company based in Raleigh NC, partnered with WakeMed to deliver a unique and engaging video for  Halloween. WakeMed was looking for a low-cost quick turnaround video for social media that highlighted the activities in the NICU during Halloween. The Blueforest Studios team was up for the challenge and this is what happened:



Video Made in a JIF-fy

This project was unlike previous video projects. The video was filmed and delivered within 48 hours. The price of the video was lower because there were only one videographer and one day of editing. The turnaround time was extremely fast for this particular project. Another reason this video was low cost was the scripting. WakeMed was in charge of the script for the Halloween video.

baby wearing jif outfit


Challenge Accepted

The goal of this video was to create a fun and engaging video for social media. Blueforest Studios did just that along with receiving a high number of traction from followers and those who are not following WakeMed on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube). View the data below comparing the average views of 6 videos in the given social media platform compared to the views on the Halloween Video:

i'll make it happen gif


Video Views on Social Media

wakemed youtube video comparison

WakeMed has 850 Subscribers on their YouTube Channel and received over 251 views.


wakemed facebook video comparison

WakeMed has 11,392 people following their Facebook Page. WakeMed’s Halloween video received over 21,000 views. Which is 7 times more views than average!


wakemed instagram video comparison

WakeMed has 2,430 followers on their Instagram Page and received 1,988 plays on Instagram.


Loved by Local News

wakemed nicu halloween costumes abc11 videoThe video gained so much traction that it was featured on ABC11 Local Raleigh News for Halloween. Nothing can brighten up your day like little babies in tiny Halloween costumes!

Watch the video in the link below to the news report of the Halloween costumes at WakeMed.




lady in nicu smiling


happy baby with puppiesThe social media video was a huge success. The team looks forward to making more videos like this in the future. I mean come on, what’s cuter than babies?… puppies and babies!

This style of social media video is becoming more and more popular in forms of views. To the consumer, it breaks out of the mold. No longer feeling like an ad, but a video they enjoy watching. With this example of a quick turnaround, low-cost video to have extremely high video views is amazing. Blueforest Studios will keep chasing the newest and most valuable form of video.

For a full story behind the tiny costumes read WakeMed’s article linked below.


raleigh video production company using a video camera to shoot a documentary

Tips For Filming A Documentary (To Instantly Make It Better!)

raleigh video production company using a video camera to shoot a documentary

Filming a documentary can be fruitless if you choose the wrong Raleigh video production team. Documentaries require a team to capture every moment of a story with precision. Seasoned videographers must use appropriate techniques and tools with little room for error. As a result, your footage will either unveil a powerful narrative or become more stale than a year-old potato chip.

To create a great documentary, we will reveal a few simple fixes you can use.

In the process, we’ll cover some of your most pressing filming questions.

Some of these are:

  • How do you plan for a documentary?
  • How do you film a documentary?
  • What are the best ways to improve my documentary?

Like usual, our Raleigh video production team at Blueforest Studios wants to get you started with the essential tips.

raleigh video production documentary hero gif

How should I plan my documentary?

Planning is the first step to making a great documentary. The main components of your plan should include story direction, and the tools you’ll use to capture it. By thinking ahead, you’ll avoid many mistakes that plague inexperienced documentary filmmakers.

You’ll want to take time to identify the key features that will drive your viewer’s experience.

To get you started, we’ll explore a few of the basics with you.

Plan your story – You should always be filming with your end goal in mind. You can do this by using the “Rule of One,” meaning “what’s the one thing I want the audience to take away from this?”

Focus on your hero A documentary should be structured around a specific character’s journey. You should choose who your film is following, focusing on their challenges or unique perspective. Anyone involved, even the filmmaker, could be your hero.

Spend and work smart– You’ll want to suit up with the right tools for the job (within your financial means, of course). Focus on using gear suitable for your filming situations. Equip yourself with enough storage space and battery life to last your entire shoot. Finally, make sure you’re getting great sound with quality mics.

How should I film my documentary?

Filming a documentary should focus on visually telling your subject’s story. By carefully using film techniques, you can isolate your audience’s attention towards your narrative. Furthermore, you should be protecting and organizing your footage, in-field and out, to avoid film loss.

For a successful documentary shoot, you should always apply basic practical methods for creating and storing film.

To keep you from making silly mistakes, here are a few of our biggest tips.

“Rule of Thirds” – This is the film process of separating your frame into thirds to place objects of interest at the intersections. It’s used to draw attention to the important focal points, like eyes or key objects.

Using “leading lines” – You can use this film technique by positioning natural lines in a frame to guide the audience’s focus towards your subject. These “lines” can be environmental features like sidewalks, railings, or the edges of a table.

Backups! Data copies are essential since you can easily lose data, both in-field, in-studio, and anywhere between. Whether by camera damage or accidental deletions, you should use an external hard drive or some form of cloud backup.

Stay organized – If you can’t find your files, you can’t use them. Set up a file naming system that keeps your files in order and ready to use. In addition, you should label and organize your physical data drives so you can find those as needed.

What’s the most important way to improve my documentary?

Your documentary is only as strong as its focus on the main subject’s journey. Always keep this story in mind as you guide your audience’s attention. Anticipate any peaks and valleys in this narrative. Finally, remain aware of what tools you’ll need to best capture the tone of your story.

In summary, your film will be better if you put visual story at the forefront of your production.

Ultimately, the plot can only be as compelling as the ways you capture it. We at Blueforest Studios specialize in storytelling, so contact our raleigh video production team today–we would be glad to have a chat about taking your documentary beyond expectations.

best animation studios in north carolina - blueforest studios

Different Animation Styles Available For Your Video


Even the greatest animation studios in North Carolina may be missing the ideal animation style for your brand.

Animation videos are created often, but aren’t always used to their full potential. Many buyers order a video style without understanding its strengths or weaknesses. The result is a film that packs a weakened return-on-investment. That’s not something you’d want to hear if you just spent tons of money to boost your brand.

In this animated video explainer, we will work to make your options simple for you.
Meanwhile, we’ll discuss a handful of common animation questions.

This includes:

  • What is an animated video?
  • What are the differences between animation styles?
  • Which animation style should I use?

Let’s start with the basics.

What is an animated video?

Animated video is a form of videography that plays individual images together to simulate motion. Animation is the reverse of traditional film, which breaks movement down into separate images to record it for playback. There are a number of animation studios in North Carolina.

Animation can come in a few different forms. Depending on your message, tone, and audience, you’ll want to find a style that complements your vision.

To properly pick the type of animation for you, you’ll need to learn your options.

the princess and the frog kissing- animation style gif for animation studios in north carolina

What are the different types of animation?

The five main forms of animation include: traditional, vector, computer generated, stop motion, and motion graphics. Some of these artforms mingle to emulate older styles through computer production. Modern animated footage is mostly created and played back in digital formats.

Each type of animation has its own history which differs from how we use it today. The earliest forms were drawn on paper in a time-consuming tracing process.

On the flip side, modern animation relies on computers for a timely, sharper product. Additionally, some methods can combine to create hybrid techniques.

To keep things simple, let’s focus on how to use it in your current video.

Nowadays, traditional animation or “hand animation” use computers, rather than paper. Each frame would be drawn out in the past, but new technology has made this style obsolete. The change is due to the increase in time and cost efficiency. Disney’s “Steamboat Willie” cartoon versus the “Princess and The Frog” film is an example.

Computers create digital animation (2D) to effectively mimic the old way of making frame-by-frame hand drawings. However, “computer interpolation” can calculate and fill in the movement frames between key positions. This is known as “vector animation,” an option that eliminates the need for drawing all individual motion frames.

Computer generated (3D) uses three-dimensional digital figures that move like puppets. Since this method requires no hand-drawn models, artists save even more time. The increase in realism on these models allow for use within live action footage. Modern cinema uses this very frequently.

Stop motion uses individually-framed movements of static objects to show motion. A physical figure (versus hand-drawn or computer generated) is manipulated in small movements. Each change in position is captured on film for rapid playback.

Motion graphics are based around animated texts, images or video snippets. The visuals are edited with transitions and frame scenes for a naturally-moving result. Advertisements and various promotional materials widely use this type of animation.

How do I choose the best animation for me?

Base your video animation choices on your needs and message. Firstly, your budget decides if you can use time-consuming styles like hand animation. Finally, animated film is most effective when taking the “less is more” approach.

Vector animation and motion graphics provide adequately for your brand without breaking the bank. They require less time (relatively) and are less likely to overwhelm the core message of your video.

In summary, you have many animation options to bring your video vision to life. You may want to spend some time viewing styles to decide what your brand needs.

Ultimately, you’ll want to talk with a team that’s experienced with using the right tools for stories like yours, so do some research on the different animation studios in North Carolina. We at Blueforest Studios love to have visitors–set up a chat to see if we’re a match today!

how much is an animation video-take my money

How Much Is An Animation Video? (The Truth Behind The Quotes)

how much do raleigh production companies charge for animation videos - take my money gif

[ via Giphy]

Obtaining animation video prices from Raleigh production companies can be difficult while shopping around.

Video productions generally require a consultation before you can find out their prices. Even then, it’s only an estimate that doesn’t represent the rate of all animation service providers. This can leave many buyers in the dark as they overpay for their video projects.

In this animation cost breakdown, we will do our best to simplify the subject and give answers to a few of your biggest pricing questions.

Some of these include:

  • How much will my animation video cost?
  • How are animation video prices decided?
  • What should I look for when shopping for animation video?

As always, we will start our coverage with the basics.

thinking about how raleigh production companies price animation videos - star wars gif
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What will an animation video cost me?

Most studios offer video rates between $2,500 to $10,000 a minute based on a survey by Wyzowl. A video is the sum product of many individual services. Each service has its own costs that are totaled in your final charge. Costs vary based on the experience, money, and time spent on all parts of a project. (Source: Wyzowl)

The cost structure of a video is the sum of many video production services. Pricing for these services varies from crew to crew. As a result, it can be difficult to properly estimate how much you’ll be paying.

Video producers price their services on a per-project basis, which can complicate your shopping comparisons. Producers typically don’t publish their prices, meaning you must contact production staff to get a custom quote.

Estimates may be in option tiers to work with many budgets. However, you need to ask what services each tier includes. By not asking, you run the risk of your tier missing essential features for your brand.

How and when you are charged is just as variable. You may be priced hourly for services, where others would charge a flat rate. Additionally, prepaid video services and postpaid services are available.

That said, expanding scope of project will lead to a higher rate no matter what. This includes needs for a longer timeline, add-on services, many revisions, and more.

Finally, your service can cost you time. This is particularly important if a lot of back and forth is necessary. You may find that outsourcing your work to reclaim your time might not work so well in this case.

How is an animation video price decided?

Animated video prices are the sum of all services that cost time or money when creating the video. Visuals, sound, planning, and correspondence all factor into the cost of your animation. As such, this varies between projects and studios.

By now, you should have a rough idea of how video animation pricing is set.

Now let’s dive into the cost breakdown of the video creation process.

Graphics process – Your animation’s visuals require graphics before starting any animations. Stock images and simple computer-created graphics are lower in cost. Custom visuals like brand characters cost more due to taking more time and skill to create.

Animation process – The other half of visuals is putting your graphics in motion. Animation style is key in price here. Simple movements are cheaper, while complex movements come at a higher price. Hand-drawn and 3D animation methods require strongly trained skills, so they cost more. Vector animation and motion graphics are a bit more approachable, so they pack a relatively lower rate.

Script – Is your script long or short? The length of your video determines the time spent on animating. Shorter videos normally come cheaper simply because the overall job is not as big. However, complex movements or elaborate graphics can easily negate this savings.

Sound design – For many buyers, audio is the forgotten sibling in video production. Voiceovers have differing costs if done in-house instead of hired as freelance work. For sound effects and music, your costs also change if going with royalty-free tracks versus stock or mainstream licensed ones.

Additional Costs – Research and planning take time for storyboarding and meetings. As such, communications between the team or with you also factor into your pricing. If you require quicker turnarounds, this request may result in a rush fee. Also, revisions carry an add-on rate as a direct expansion of time and maybe even costly reshoots of audio or video.

So is animation video worth the cost?

In summary, the costs of animation video are only worth it if they give you an equal or greater return result.

If you value your brand’s boost in image, presence, or revenue, animation could be of value to you. It’s essential that you learn if animation is right for your business before jumping into it.

Ultimately, you may find that you still have questions about the animating process. Luckily, we at Blueforest Studios work with vector animation and motion graphics often. Set up a chat with us and come visit!

skyline of durham, video production raleigh nc copyright blueforest studios

Best Spots In The Triangle To Shoot Video? Try Durham!


skyline of durham, video production raleigh nc copyright blueforest studios

Sometimes it’s challenge to find the perfect location for your video shoot. Fortunately, you– as a local of North Carolina’s Triangle area– have a pristine choice of spots for your video marketing shoot. As a premier Raleigh video production company, we at Blueforest feel perfectly suited to show our home some love. If you’re searching for video production Raleigh NC or beyond, we’ll show you just where to get started.

Our Triangle (aka the Research Triangle) includes the booming cities of Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill. Today, we’ll highlight Durham. In your quest for videography gold, we want you to find spaces with diverse features. We also want your filming process to be relatively hassle-free. These locations may require permission before you film at the time you’re reading this, so always check before jumping in! With those things in mind, here are just a few spots that are brimming with opportunity.

American Tobacco Campus

Home to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, The American Tobacco Campus is one of many perfect places for your video. Seated right in the heart of downtown Durham, this collective of repurposed historic warehouses are now a hub for great eats and entertainment. This area is great for targeting a timeless city aesthetic for your footage.

Any footage– whether stock or scripted– can be enhanced by the Campus’ unique architecture and landscaping. Upon entry, you’ll find the industrial grit of the old complex contrasts beautifully with Durham’s culture and nature life. Neverending waterfalls spill into the stepped waterway traveling between the warehouses. The manicured shrubs and bright green grass fields contrast perfectly against rust-colored brick walls. This area also contains a landmark of Durham’s history: the legendary Lucky Strike water tower.

The area presents plenty footage options through events as well. Latin dancing nights at Cuban Revolution restaurant, wedding ceremonies, and even performance artists are frequent events in the Campus. So, no matter the day, it’s sure to make your video come alive. This location requires special permissions for shooting videos. You can read more about those requirements here.

Eno River State Park

The Eno River State Park is a mainstay of Durham’s nature scene and with good reason. The awe of North Carolina woodlands gives the opportunity for adventure, romance, and becomes a videographer’s dream.

If your film requires wildlife or just the serenity of nature, the Eno might be worth your time. Hiking through the area, you’ll discover wonders that you can’t find in Durham’s urbanite Downtown area. The Rock Quarry makes a nice cooldown for many local swimmers in Summer. West Point on the Eno is home to a striking waterfall and an weathered wooden mill. It’s not just the sights that are interesting. Visitors of all types come through here. You’ve got daring, bearded kayakers and weekend fishermen. You’ve also got jogging fitness fanatics, in addition to families looking for a little quiet from the city life.

You’ll have plenty of spaces to film as needed within the 3,900 acres this area provides. As an alternative to the concrete– well, “brick jungle” of the inner city, Eno River State Park is a solid place to get your ideal nature shot. This location may require a special events permit in order to film commercial video. This form and more information can be found here.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Finally, we arrive at a nice blend between pure nature and man-made design at Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Nestled in the forest of Duke University’s massive campus, the Gardens have become probably the most opportune place for great videos in the Triangle.

Once again, there’s plenty of diverse spaces and crowds to help you build the footage you need. The Duke Gardens pack a magic that attracts brides for their big day. It also draws international crowds for appreciating the beauty of flora and fauna year-round. The carefully curated plant life is a huge draw of this area, as is the landscaping. Koi ponds, a bamboo forest, and a massive tiered floral terrace are just some features of the Gardens. If you’re attempting to emulate another part of the country (or world), you may find some luck here.

Seasonal footage is a key feature of the Duke Gardens. As with most nature locales, Spring makes this location incredibly attractive. However, the abundance of trees makes Fall videos in Durham absolutely captivating. If you’re looking for outdoors shots, you’ll be pleased with the outcome if you film here. This location requires special permission for videography. Learn more shooting at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens here.

We at Blueforest Studios have your back for all video production Raleigh NC needs, from the Triangle’s hotspots, video tips, and more. Of course, you might just want someone to do the elaborate video production of your dreams. We do that too. Set up a chat or visit our studio anytime! We love to have guests.


where to shoot timelapse video production in north carolina

Best Place To Film A Time Lapse Video In The Triangle

Time-lapse video can be tricky if you don’t have the right environment or subjects. With video production in North Carolina, you fortunately can access anywhere imaginable. Within hours you can venture from mountains to sea, skyscrapers to rural pastures. However, you don’t have to travel far outside the Triangle to find your perfect shot. As a local Raleigh video production company, we at Blueforest Studios want to share our favorite Triangle spots with you.

where to shoot timelapse video production in north carolina

Our pick for time-lapse video production in North Carolina: Downtown Durham

In making our decision, we’ve prioritized a few features you might find valuable in your time-lapse shots. You’ll find beautiful static environments, each with an active element that keeps your shot in motion over time. Best of all, there’s immense diversity in a compact area that makes changing locations a breeze. With all that said, we think it’s time to introduce you (or reacquaint you) with a locale that’s highly unique to our home.

Great for nature shots

Time-lapse shots of nature are a mainstay of outdoor videography. To get your nature shots, man-made green landscaping isn’t difficult to find in Downtown Durham. In fact, the American Tobacco Historic District is a choice location for this. You’ll find there’s a classic vibe that balances Mother Nature with touches of modern urbanism. Grassy city parks, floral spaces and handcrafted shrubbery are sprinkled throughout the area.
In terms of wooded spaces, Duke University’s East Campus is close by. It packs the more dense arbor life you’d expect from a Carolina college campus. For more natural landscapes, Sarah P. Duke Gardens is only a short distance from the heart of Downtown. This area is renowned for its gorgeous sights, especially in the Fall and Spring.

Great for footage of locals

If stock footage of local activity is your thing, Durham is bustling enough for your unique shots.
Pedestrian activity is frequent and constant throughout Downtown Durham. People from all over the world come to live, creating a strong diversity of culture. As a hotspot for much of the city’s activity, you’ll find restaurant fronts and more to capture. Vehicle traffic is just as bustling at most times of day, creating the perfect morning or evening commuter overviews.

Great for filming time-of-day

At differing times of day, the vantage points throughout the city make for a phenomenal time-lapsed video. This is the type of city that really does evolve as the day gives way to night. The American Tobacco Campus’ waterway can be perfect for capturing the transition from sparkling sunlight to glowing moonlight. Durham’s skylines are diverse as well, containing landmarks like the Old Bull neon sign at near Durham Bulls Athletic Park or the Lucky Strike water tower. These features stand out no matter when you’re filming, but they illuminate in striking ways that make for a standout moment in your production.

It’s time to get your perfect shot!

Time-lapse video production doesn’t have to be difficult if your scenery is already primed for it. Downtown Durham is a compact package for plenty of shots to choose. It can be as easy as jumping in and setting up shop, you just have to get in there! When you’re having trouble with staging your footage, you can easily pack up and move to an equally incredible location in moments.
If you ever have more video questions, come pay us a visit. We at Blueforest love having guests in our studio. You can easily set up a chat with us anytime. We’ll work one step at a time to connect your true vision with your audience.


raleigh skyline captured by a raleigh video production company

Top 4 Examples Of Great Marketing Videos In The Triangle

raleigh skyline captured by a raleigh video production company

We at Blueforest Studios talk a lot about ways to deliver the best video production North Carolina has ever seen. This time, we want to show you some very cool samples of great marketing video —coming right out of the Triangle! You won’t see any features from your favorite Raleigh video production company this time. We wanted to highlight the amazing work that others are making in our area. This selection puts storytelling at the forefront (and for good reason). It taps into our emotions and gets us more than excited about these brands. Our hope is to show you that the right shots and narrative can make any of your videos pop. Without further wait, here are 4 of our favorite marketing videos in the Triangle!

Visit Raleigh

This tourism video packs a true connection because the locals are telling their city’s story.  If you’re aiming to make your message land, you need to share experiences with your viewers. It’s not just a narrator talking about things and places. You aren’t just learning about the coffee shops or music venues that live in Raleigh. To quote the video, you are viewing an open “window” into how the city lives and breathes.
The tone comes to captivate and inspire– using a great balance of steady cinematic shots and intimate handheld shots. The aesthetics remain consistent between shots, despite many setting changes. When you finish, you get a sense of how it is to actually visit Raleigh. Mission accomplished.

UNC “For All Kind: The Campaign for Carolina”

Universities have more urgency to share their values than most brands. Prospective students use this as a pivotal feature to make decisions in this crowded space. UNC does not slack with their brand story, and they use a highly refined script to share it.
Their brand seems to be focused on being highly inclusive and every feature of this video embodies that idea. A wide set of academic disciplines are highlighted, with a cast of diverse genders, ethnicities, and ages. Subdued colors and select slow motion shots are filmed with a drama akin to an inspirational promo for an NFL team. The atmospheric strings track delivers a steady build towards the climax of the message: UNC cultivates extraordinary people of all kinds for the good of all people. If you’re looking to make a statement as a humanitarian brand, this is a good benchmark.

Red Hat “Inside Red Hat’s Raleigh Headquarters”

Corporations like Red Hat use recruitment video to sell their benefits to potential hires. This video remains focused and gets right to the point with their workplace features. They begin by staging the office location with macro-to-micro level shots of the city and streets. Jumping into the details of their space, the team doesn’t dwell on building specs for long.
The Red Hat team establishes the company culture very quickly, showing how they maintain a relaxing, sociable atmosphere amidst their professionalism. The script uses the building amenities as a vehicle for the true message: Red Hat is a fun space to collaborate and grow your career. The employees tell this story themselves, which brings prospective employees closer to feeling a part of the work community before they’re even hired. Bravo, Red Hat.

Rise “Before The Bite – Bacon, Fried Egg and Cheese Biscuit”

Finally, we come to Rise with the most unique video of the bunch. This might be the best yet– even with literally no voice overs or spoken script. The opening footage feels like an average customer POV restaurant ad, but quickly subverts into a brand new film. The video does a fake-out and reverses to the true ‘start.’ Then we see the entire handmade journey this breakfast sandwich takes.
The result is an intimate and fun look into your meal, while getting a glimpse into the brand’s values. The first-person POV makes this a very personal video. In addition, “your” biscuit is the sole subject of the video. The final story says Rise biscuits are fresh and personal just for you, every time. It’s highly impressive to tell a story like this in under a minute, while flipping audience expectations and using only video as the narrative. This is the kind of efficiency you should target with your marketing video!

Ready to make your own great marketing videos?

The task of making an awesome brand video doesn’t have to be daunting. Our hope at Blueforest Studios is that you’ve learned a bit of what defines a great video.  You’ve learned to use perspective, color, and even your background music to set the tone of your film. You also now know how powerfully a focused script can boost your message. If you ever want to talk more on the details of incredible video production North Carolina and beyond, give us a call! Set up a chat with us and we’ll be glad to help you reach your video marketing goals.


Should Your Company Be Using Drone Footage?

Drones are great for giving your marketing videos a fresh perspective. If your brand’s advertising feels a bit stale or generic, you might want to consider changing up your style. This filming format may be perfect for some companies and pointless for others. As one of the premier production companies in Raleigh NC, we want you succeeding in all your promotional efforts.

That’s why in this post, we at Blueforest Studios will break down the following: 1) When are drones more effective than human videographers? 2) How can drone footage enhance your message? 3) What are some types of companies that benefit from aerial video?

This is what your favorite Raleigh video production company wants you to know about drone footage!

What can drones do better than humans?

Filming difficult-to-reach spaces can be effortless for drones. In situations where human life is exposed to hazardous conditions, a flying machine is an ideal candidate for the job.
Drones are ideal for filming natural sites such as cliffs, mountains or turbulent bodies of water. The same can be said for dangerous wildlife. National parks, cave tourism, conservationists, cruise ship companies and more can highly benefit from the ease of unmanned filming devices.

Man-made sites can be just as dangerous too, and drones are equally up-to-task. Nuclear sites, landfills, skyscrapers, and theme parks all have a large scale that benefits from aerial footage. However, humans filming from heights or surveying risky conditions poses health (and lawsuit) risks that you’ll want to avoid. Put a drone to work and suddenly you’ve got all the benefits with nearly none of the risk!

Filming large spaces in single shots and short timeframes can also be done with drones for a fraction of the usual cost. Consider the staff and machinery required for the standard aerial shot and you’ll realize why it can be pricey. Helicopters and pilots alone don’t come cheap, and a full videography staff isn’t exactly light on the wallet. Drones just require an operator: simple and clean, just the way your bank account likes it.

Sweeping aerial shots can be powerful for capturing features of big landscapes. Real estate is using aerial shots more frequently to market a property from unique perspectives. A city tourism commission may find great skyline shots or top-down views of the locals in their daily routines. Landscapes can be easily captured too: drones can film farms, roadways, forests, coastlines, or lakes.

How does your message improve with drone footage?

Concrete ideas become easier to understand through your style of filming. For instance, your audience can comprehend the true scale of a location, object, or idea.
Location-based projects can have a greater emotional impact if people can see the scale of a problem. For instance, highway construction may seem inconvenient to the average commuter. That is until the Safety Commission puts out a video showing before-and-after traffic improvements from the DOT’s other road expansions. Suddenly, those detours seem more like a sign of great things to come than a trigger for road rage.

Your audience can also digest more abstract concepts through the aerial filming style. Maybe your parasailing business can tap into a thrillseekers passion for heights or another person’s fear of them. Perhaps your university can film top-down on one student, then rapidly rise to show the sheer size of your enrollment and campus. Come to think of it: that last idea is actually perfect for a recruitment video. There are no limitations with a little creativity.

Step into creativity by taking flight.

Your brand doesn’t have to be stale, especially with drone film on your side. Just by reading through this post, you’ve surely already gotten a few ideas for your own company. As a refresher: you now know drones can be a safer, cheaper alternative to traditional aerial video. You also know that large-scale ideas and locations can be captured in ways not otherwise possible.

Here at Blueforest Studios, we’ve got a bit of a passion for this video stuff. We want to be your local go-to on aerial videography or any video production questions. Reach out and set up a chat if you want a few buddies to partner with. Whether it’s a little advice or a full campaign production, we’ve got your back.



Why is my YouTube video about raleigh video production not getting any views?

Why is my YouTube video not getting any views?

Your brand’s videos are craving some tender loving but your audiences aren’t feeling it.

Your video isn’t some hideous beast that needs a breath mint. It just needs a bit of style advice and a few new social skills. In simple terms, you’re probably just using a great video in a poor way. With these Blueforest Studios SEO for video tips, we’re breaking you out of the “no-views” zone. If you’re ready to get the attention you deserve, we’ll start with the basics.

Here is what your friendly neighborhood raleigh video production company has to say:



You’re making bad titles

For starters, you should be making your titles relevant and enticing from your viewer’s perspective. From the moment they type into the search bar, their mind is deciding when to click play. You can create from this viewpoint to enhance your chances of success.

Google’s autocomplete is a great start to guide your title. Pretend you’re a computer reviews site with a video on Apple’s laptop release. If you type Macbookinto the search bar, you’ll see currently popular searches as recommendations. Macbook Pro 2018 won’t make a great title, but it’s a great place to start. A better title might be Everything you need to know about the New Macbook Pro 2018.”

If you include the topic earlier in the title, you’ve got an even better title. Try something like Macbook Pro 2018: Everything you need to know! This will catch eyes even on mobile platforms, since titles are cut shorter to fit on-screen.

Your video visuals aren’t attractive

If you’ve got great content, there’s a chance your video just doesn’t look professionally-made. SEO isn’t all just algorithm hacking, it’s also optimizing for humans to enjoy your work. The style of your video, how it was recorded and how it was edited are huge factors in the perceived quality of your video. You should aim high in each of these areas and know where to cut costs if your budget calls for it. For now, let’s just discuss how you’re recording.

In the era of 4k resolutions, it’s important that your video not look lo-fi and dated. Otherwise, your video will look worse compared to other videos around it. Establish a rule that your videos must at least be in HD resolution: 720p or higher. Most modern smartphones can record HD film easily. No excuses for using that 2001 point-and-shoot in 2018– unless you’re going for a retro feel.

Your overall aesthetic isn’t consistent between videos

Maybe your videos usually get great views but this one just isn’t a hit.

A wise video producer will ensure that style and tone is consistent between each work. This doesn’t mean you should make all your videos the same. However, your style, tone and/or presentation should be a brand signature that makes you easy to identify across your catalog. As another human-focused SEO trick, this can be a calling card for your brand.

You can use insurance commercials as a great example of video-to-video consistency. It’s easy to distinguish Allstate’s physical gags and surreal presentation vs. Progressive’s glossy white visuals and goofy humor.

The same logic can apply to your own marketing aesthetic. You might find that sweeping, cinematic aerial drone shots are great for your landscaping brand. Want to get a little subversive? Maybe your candle company can use intense quick-cut action shots. In a normally soothing niche, it’s clever to stand out with a little humor. Extend this appearance and feel into your thumbnails and you’ll be easily identified in any video search.

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Check out this Custom Thumbnail we made for a client video

You’re missing a professional touch

Boosting your brand’s video views can be a bit of a challenge.

You’ve taken a great step by realizing your problem and seeking a solution. You’ve learned how to setup up your videos with a great search-optimized title. You also know that you should film with HD equipment and remain consistent with your filming aesthetics. That said, there are more technical VSEO skills that may boost your videos even further.

We at Blueforest Studios specialize in this approach, and we’re always ready to chat. Set one up with us so we can improve your brand together.  We love to talk about video, and we love having guests at our studio.


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Why are animated videos rising to popularity?

Animated Videos in Raleigh are here to STAY

The goal of any modern marketer is to be heard through the waves of digital content.

This mission is why animation is quickly becoming one of the best ways to connect with audiences. Tapping into this powerful medium can rapidly change how your brand connects with (and converts) your audience. Don’t get too eager just yet! You should really understand a few things about animation marketing before jumping in.

If you’re seeking quality animated videos in Raleigh or elsewhere, we’ve got just what you need. Join us as we illustrate why animated videos in Raleigh are in such high demand.

Let’s get animated!

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Animations are Flexible for removing overwhelm from big topics

Video doesn’t guarantee clarity for your audience. The trouble with traditional live-action footage comes is that it is very detailed and immersive.

That being said, animation removes those finer, real-world details that the brain has to process. The result is a clean and effective style that boosts your message over everything else.

In a film about bank loans, for example, it might be nice to have just the props and characters necessary for explanation. Your audience won’t be distracted by your character’s unique clothing styles or how staged their interactions look. Clean is efficient, which is always the endgame for your marketing dollars.

Here are a few examples:

animation studio in raleigh



Animated videos are well suited for your evolving budget

Speaking of marketing dollars, your budget may grow as your brand does. The good news: animation COULD be cost-effective and much easier to produce than other film styles. Some of you have tried managing a cast of actors to speak and move just as you pictured. As such, you’ve likely compromised out of frustration. You’ll have a much smoother time making changes to animated films as you mold every movement and word to your exact specifications.

Best of all? With only a handful of animators (or less), you can create an entire campaign of videos! Compare that to hiring a team of actors, a director, a space for filming, and more.

It’s literally instant cost savings.

Animations are easy to update

Long-term marketing plans change with time, and animated videos can adapt effortlessly. Let’s say you’ve got a solid hit on YouTube, but it took you years to finally go viral. You might need the same characters to reprise a role from 2 years ago. Hiring real cast members might be impossible if they’ve moved to Cambodia.

Hiring your animated cast? Priceless. No seriously — you’re only paying animators which makes this a very low-cost investment. They don’t age, change hairstyles, or vow off acting unless you want them to. We couldn’t think of a more flexible format for your marketing campaign.

Do you recognize this animated character?


Animated videos in the Raleigh area? Let’s talk.

You’ve by now got a simple rundown of why a marketable brand would love to animate their campaign. Firstly, audiences love how simple and digestible their messaging is. Meanwhile, brands take glee in how flexible animation is for their budgets.

Finally, they’re far more practical than most video formats for a growing long-term marketing plan. In case you couldn’t tell, we love to animate here at Blueforest Studios. If simple, streamlined video marketing is up your alley, let’s chat!

You’ll be glad you did.