A Good Story About the Powder Containment Industry?

At Blueforest Studios, we approach all of our projects by trying to tell a good story. So that is exactly how we approached one of our recent video projects for Flow Sciences, a leader in the powder containment industry.  You may be thinking, “What kind of good story is there to tell about the powder containment industry?” That is a good question (you get a gold star). It is one that we asked ourselves (we get a gold star, too). To answer it, we sat down with Flow (we are on a first name basis with them now) and tried to get the feel for who they really are. In the end, we realized that Flow Sciences is a company that  works to help protect people and product.

So, we had to figure out a way to tell the story of protecting people and product. To that end, we interviewed some of the employees, including President/Founder/Owner Ray Ryan. Through these interviews, we were able to put together the story of how the company’s history is based in solving safety issues in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and how that is what they are still doing today. (On a personal note, I got to listen to Ray’s deep, smooth voice for hours during editing. If he wasn’t so successful in the powder containment industry, I would suggest he go into the bedtime storytelling business.)

So check out the story, and who knows, maybe you will be compelled to buy a custom-designed powder containment enclosure from Flow Sciences.

 For more information about Flow Sciences visit their website.

~ Bryan Reklis

Video Producer

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