4k UHD

The latest video technology, used in such featured films as The Amazing Spiderman and The Great Gatsby, has come to Blueforest Studios.


Heralded as the best picture quality on the market, 4k film is often shot on cameras manufactured by Red Digital Cinema Company, established by sunglass mogul Jim Jannard: the founder of Oakley.

While filmmakers have been shooting in 4k for several years, few have had the capability of playing back video in that quality (4096×2160). That’s begun to change — and here at Blueforest, we’re ahead of the curve.

Our creative director, Ammon Ehrismon, has developed a computer capable of displaying 4k-quality film — commonly referred to as ultra high-def (UHD) — which boasts resolution four-times better than HD.

We now shoot roughly 30 percent of our videos with the Red Scarlet 4k UHD camera. For more information on Red technology, you can visit their website at http://www.red.com.

4k in Hollywood
Many Hollywood filmmakers now shoot in 4k, including Peter Jackson, Ron Howard, and Steven Soderbergh.

Jackson, an Academy Award-winning director, used 48 Red Digital cameras for his latest hit, The Hobbit, which has been nominated for numerous Oscars, including “Best Digital Efects” and “Best Production Design.”

Additionally, television shows such as Louie, Criminal Minds, and Storage Wards have implemented Red Digital technology.

And these cameras don’t just do video: Time Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair, and many other print publications have used Red Digital cameras to shoot photographs for magazine covers, making this equpment not only some of the best out there, but some of the most versatile, as well.

While Ultra High Definition production has yet to become a mainstream practice, it’s not too early to start acquiring content in 4k! You can have video ready for the UHD era before your competition — and here at Atlantic Creative, we want to provide you with that service.

Contact Laura Faughtenberry today for an estimate.

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