Blueforest’s ‘Best’ Hits

It’s been about a year and a half since The Amazing Donald Best zoomed into the Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 12.29.17 PMBlueforest Studios office, wowing us with his powers of audio production. A little background story on this melodic superhero – it was the late, great Micheal Jackson who inspired Donald’s love of music at the ripe age of five. Though he couldn’t utter a word of English, the little producer-to-be could belt out all the words to Thriller.¬† This passion led Donald to pursue an Associate’s degree in Recording Arts and a Bachelor’s in Music Business at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. These days, when he isn’t hard at work at Blueforest or vanquishing villains, Donald puts his skills to use composing his own original music. Donald recently sat down with me to give me insider info on some of his recent achievements and the future of his music career.

AR: So tell me how you got into this business.

DB:¬†Well I used to be in a band and that’s when I began recording music, because I wanted to be able to record my own band. From there, I decided to go to college for Recording because I learned that it was something I enjoyed and wanted to know more about.

AR: You’ve been working on your own compositions recently, what do you plan to do with them?

DB: Basically I want to build a portfolio of original music, kind of like Audio Jungle, so that I have demos for future corporate video projects. It’s been a different experience from what I’m used to because¬† in the past my music has revolved around my own interests and the band I was in, but lately I’ve been focusing more on music that would appeal to clients. I want to add to my corporate audio portfolio.

AR: One of your original pieces got picked up for a radio spot, that must be exciting!

DB: [Laughs] That was completely unintentional. I was going through music options with a client and they weren’t liking anything. So I played them one of my pieces as an example of the type of music we should go for, and they actually liked it and wanted to use it.

AR: What are the other songs on your demo like? Do you go for a specific genre or feel to your music?

DB: No, they’re all pretty different. Since none of them are intended to actually be used in a project, they’re pretty generic just to showcase what I can do. I want to be able to make music specifically tailored to the project. So after talking to the client, getting a feel for what they want, and watching the video, I have a better idea about what the piece needs.

AR: Do you have any other side projects or work you do outside of Blueforest Studios?

DB: Megan, [my girlfriend], and I recently played at Lincoln Theater downtown for the Raleigh Chamber Arts Forum. That was a lot of fun. We always talk about playing together but rarely get time or an opportunity. I also have my own studio where I record and produce other bands’ music.

AR: What kind of work do you see yourself doing in the future?

DB: I’m always looking for new opportunities. I like taking on projects that are different from anything I’ve done before and learning new crafts. There’s a girl recording in my studio and her music is being produced in California. We use Skype so the producer can see me and listen to her as we’re recording to basically produce from his house in L.A. In this day in age, technology can make a lot of dreams possible. Who knows where my career could take me?

Listen to Donald’s original music here.





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