Choosing a DIY Video or Hiring a Video Professional

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Choosing between a DIY video or hiring a professional to make your video? There are different factors that you might not be aware of that are essential to consider. Both options have pros and cons, depending on the video content and why the video is being made. Anyone can pick up a camera and make a video, but that video’s content will determine whether it’s a good video or not.


One factor that you need to consider is TIME. You know that making a video is time consuming, but you may not realize exactly how much time is required. With a decent DIY video, especially when learning all the different aspects, creating the story, making the content, adding and editing audio, etc., expect at least 80 hours minimum. I’m not exaggerating. Professionals take care of all the technical aspects and work hard on helping create the right story and message. “Leaving it to the professionals” allows you and your team time to work on your main work and daily duties. While of course your team collaborates with the professional video makers, it’s significantly a less amount of time than doing the video yourself. Another time element is how fast you need the video. You can complete your own video if you need it quickly, where as professionals work from a timeline. A well produced video can’t be made within a few days, so that’s another thing to consider. Even if you need a quick video, quality is above all else.


A low quality video, in terms of how it looks but also the content, can hurt your business rather than help. If the video is not professional looking and is also filled with boring irrelevant content, consumers will not be interested in your video or your business. Another important factor is QUALITY when considering DIY video or a professional video. Videos can be shot on an iPhone or a consumer camera, but with that arises concerns of how professional the video will look. There’s the right lighting, setting, camera angles, etc. When hiring a professional you’re guaranteed your video will look professional with the highest quality equipment used with the experienced eye producing your video.


When hiring professional video producers, the factor that is always most prominent is COST. Many people don’t realize how time consuming and expensive making a video is. The planning, writing, shooting and editing that goes into making a video really adds up. Sometimes people are just driven away by the cost of a professionally made video, until they try to do it themselves and realize how much work goes into making a video. DIY videos will save you some money if you and your team are willing to put in the time and effort. But another cost that isn’t always considered is the cost of all the video making tools. Whether it’s new equipment or video tools to create videos in-house, the cost of getting these tools can add up. Professionally made video will guarantee a great quality video with all the aspects of video production covered.

Software:  $665
80 hours * $100 or normal billable = $8,000
Total:  $8665
Price at a professional company:  $7,000

There are many factors to consider when choosing between a DIY video and hiring a video professional. There are pros and cons for both options so it’s up to you and your business to determine the right option for you. One of the most important elements to consider when hiring a video professional is determining if they are the best fit for you and your business. Always make sure that the video professional cares about understanding you and your business, and that they can tell your story through video.

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