Edmund’s All-Weather Firestarter Success

Blueforest Studios has done many content videos for All-Weather Firestarter, a survivor tool that starts fires in any condition.

Recently, owner and creator Edmund Villarreal was contacted by the casting producer of CNBC to be on the show “West Texas Investors Club” and pitch his product to investors. This was Edmund’s goal, to be able to demonstrate his All-Weather Firestarter and showcase its value to possible investors, showing the power of video marketing.

Edmund wanted to showcase his product while also demonstrating its utility and usefulness. Blueforest Studios made it happen in our All-Weather Firestarter videos. We focused on demonstrating the product’s capabilities and telling a story to get potential customers excited about its potential. Content videos drive traffic, and traffic drives sales!

A great video has endless possibilities. It can be shared endlessly, getting the right people to interact with your brand. By increasing views, videos can help organizations and individuals reach their goals. Videos drive customers to your homepage and can persuade them to make a purchase or learn more about what you can offer them.

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