How to Become a True Brand Storytelling Ninja

Ever heard a really good story that stuck with you? What was it about the story that made such an impact?

On June 29th at 11 AM, Blueforest Studios will be presenting a brand storytelling seminar that will highlight the importance of storytelling as well as how to effectively use stories in marketing.

Why does storytelling matter in business?

People don’t really care about your business! It’s hard to hear yet it’s true. But a good story is irresistible and it will get people thinking about your business as more than just a list of features that you provide. Believe it or not, your company has a story. And it can be VERY interesting if you know how to tell it correctly.

Who should come?

    Marketers wanting to effectively tell their company’s story
    Entrepreneurs wanting to create a story for their business
    Writers interested in better marketing their company’s story

What is included?

    Storytelling tips
    Creative discussion
    Proven practices
    Insights from people who create stories for businesses
    Examples of successful stories
    Break-out sessions to review personal marketing pieces

Register for the event here and get ready to sharpen your storytelling skills!

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