Leveraging Your Video on Vimeo

There are so many video sharing sites out there but one has reigned supreme for the past few years.  YouTube is great for sharing funny cat videos and even marketing videos that you’d like to have found in search.  But what about videos that are for a more targeted audience or for an interface that can be customized and maintain professionalism?  That’s where vimeo comes in.

They offer an interface free of distraction and have been a favorite for award-winning shorts from filmmakers.

And, now they are looking for more ways to differentiate themselves.  They started with tip-jar, giving viewers a method to show their appreciation to the video producers and now they are offering Vimeo On Demand.  They’re new On Demand option gives anyone the option to sell their video work online however they want.  So you can make it a limited engagement for say 1 hour or let the user have almost permanent access to the content.  We are thinking about how some of our clients would have liked this sort of option for training videos and documentaries.  What other uses do you envision of Vimeo on Demand?  We’d love to hear your ideas.

Kathy Hughes Langfield

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