My Marketing Challenge & Downtown Raleigh Marketing

Last night we had the pleasure of networking at The Hive in downtown Raleigh at the Downtown Raleigh Marketing speaker series. We also had the opportunity to interview some brave souls for our upcoming video program entitled “My Marketing Challenge”.  We have found that there is so much talent and knowledge in this area and we really enjoy the meetups and networking events where we are able to learn more.  But we’re looking for another avenue to share that information with people who need it.  So being in the video business we are going to launch a video series with questions from business people in the area and answers from the experts in the field.  So in the future when you have a question about how to get exposure for your nonprofit or restaurant you will be able to find the answers online from experts!  Depending on the questions that we receive we may have answers from experts like Jeff Tippett of Calvert Creative on Winning Strategies, or Christina Blandi-James of CBJ Promotional Avenues on the perfect event, or perhaps our own Ammon Ehrisman on Telling Your Story.

So think about your questions and feel free to tweet them to us or to @DTRmarketing.  We will be filming at future events and would love to get you on camera.  And, watch out if you are one of the experts that we need because we’ll be looking for you to share your thoughts on camera too!

By the way, the event last night was a great success.  It was just about standing room only, The Hive is a great space, and we made many new friends. We learned about how to reach out to the media – hint – They are people too!  So make a personal connection with the appropriate reporters and get to know them and also how they like to be contacted.  One of the speakers does not want phone calls, while the other appreciates a call when he’s sorting through 100’s of emails and the third said you can text him if he’s given you his mobile number!  Also, being “people” they have limited time and cannot transport through time in order to be at your event when you give them very limited notice.  One thing that wasn’t mentioned but I’ve heard in the past is that reporters are often looking for sources or for experts.  So if you are an expert in Green Energy or Global Finance, let reporters who cover that beat know.  And, when the time comes and they call you – answer the phone and help them.

Last but not least a point that has been reiterated time and again and yet so many miss it.  Your story should be unique, well crafted and interesting.  Think about what’s different about you, your cause, or your business and why people should care!

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