Original Video Marketing by Carlsberg

If you watch TV, movies or anything where beer companies can advertise, you have likely seen the ads talking about their amazing process, awesome taste or just featuring
some beautiful women that any guy will get to talk to if he drinks the right beer.  Carlsberg has decided to take a different approach with their newest ad.  Check out this brief blog article by Simply Zesty and watch the video.

Now we have seen a few ads where the “mean guys” are really nice.  But this is a bit different in that there are unsuspecting couples who enter the theatre and they make different choices about what they are going to do based on the rest of the audience.  It is refreshing these days, pun intended, to see original ideas.  It does seem that while 60% of Hollywood releases are sequels and remakes, ad agencies are stepping it up and offering their clients better and more MEMORABLE ways to brand their product.  Now I don’t know what you consider success in these days of YouTube and DVR’s but over 5 Million views seems like they might just be getting their point across.  In fact, I might just check out Carlsberg at the store tonight.

Note:  If you’re looking for original ideas for your TV or Web Spots, I can recommend a great company – right here in Raleigh. And, some of our best work is coming out soon….. so stay posted.

Kathy Hughes Langfield
Marketing & Operations

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