A 4K to call your own

Blueforest Studios is the proud, new owner of a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4. If you aren’t keeping close tabs on the video production industry, this might not mean anything to you. Here is the simple breakdown: the GH4 is quite easily the best 4K camera available on a budget (in our opinion). The camera is a fraction of the cost of RED cinema cameras. Granted, it has limitations that the RED doesn’t, but it is a large step up from the Canon DSLRs, like a 5D.

While it can shoot wonderfully in 4K, it also shoots pretty good slow motion at 1080p. Check out these samples of what it looks like at 96fps (4x slower than regular speed).

Testing out our new GH4 and it’s slow motion. #96fps #slowmotion #phox

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You may have noticed that there is some light flicker on the first shot of that video. With a higher frame rate, you have to have a faster shutter speed. We were just messing around with the camera in our studio, and that is why it doesn’t look so great. But, it looks pretty nice (with no color work done) outside.

We will continue to use RED and other cinema level cameras for projects that call for those benefits, but many of our projects are about to see a major increase in quality.

To learn more information about the GH4, watch this really well done video review by Philip Bloom: https://vimeo.com/99538435

-Bryan Reklis

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