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Let me walk you through a little scenario. Let’s say you’ve been planning a new marketing campaign, or maybe you just want to try something new. You starting looking around and seeing what’s out there. You start to notice a trend.

Atlantic Creative film Crew in ActionYou’re starting to see all these videos popping up on web sites and youtube.  Maybe you’re thinking, ‘there is value to having a video for my business’.  So where do you start if you want a video for your business?  Google?  Sure you do, that’s where you can find a local company that will come over and shoot it for you. But wait, now you’re thinking you could even try to get a camera and do it yourself.  If you go the do-it-yourself route, you can get an entry level digital camera for a couple hundred bucks.  Then you realize you do not have any experience filming, editing, rendering digital files or uploading them to the web, so probably the best route in the end is to hire some professionals.

Back to Google. Now you enter ‘video production company in BLANK, NC.’  Whoa, there are a bunch of folks in the video business.  So then you start calling them and find one on the low end; it’s $199 for a two minute video that you write, go to their studio to rehearse and get filmed, and then they’ll put a few graphics on there and you’ll be out the door with your video.  Now all you need to do is figure out how to upload it to the web.

There’s also that video production students who have widely varying skills and charge between $25-$50/hour for their time.  Projects can take anywhere from 20-200 hours depending on the complexity, duration, and skill of the producer.

The next level up would be a straight video production company that will send some folks out with a camera, tripod and zoom lens to capture footage of your facility.  This is in the $1000 range for a full day shoot.  It may not include editing, creative services, or more importantly, a strategy for the direction of the video story.

The next level above that would be a video production company that can handle the creative requirements of a video fully. They’ll write a script and storyboard the video out so you can see what images will compliment your strategy.  These companies are in the $4000 – $10000 range for up to a two minute video.  They will include the lighting, dollies, crane, professional narration, licensed music, editing, and graphics and titles.

People’s attention spans are very short these days and they are used to seeing high quality HD content on their flat screens at home, so the shorter the video the better. It takes skill and practice to make your message concise but still interesting visually and story-wise, and that’s why working with someone in the video production business on all aspects of your video project can be really helpful.   In the end, the video production business is just like most other businesses, you get what you pay for.

~Russ Reynolds

The Man – Head Sales Guy

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