Rainy day rappelling – Over the Edge 2015

Over the Edge is a fundraising event where people raise money for the Special Olympics of NC and then rappel down the Wells Fargo building. The beginning of October had unpleasant weather conditions in the Triangle: grey skies with rain and wind. October 3 wasn’t any different, making for difficult rappelling conditions.

Because of this, the Over the Edge event was almost cancelled. However, instead of canceling the whole event, the Over the Edge staff realized that a modified version of the event could be done safely. So, instead of rappelling down 30 floors, which would have been unsafe due to the strong winds that were blowing, we rappelled down 4 floors from a separate ledge on the Wells Fargo building. Although it was disappointing to go from 30 stories to 4 stories, I was happy to do anything at all instead of it being rained or winded out. And, while not as high up, it was still fun and a bit of an adrenaline rush.

image (1)
I want to sincerely thank my supporters for giving me the opportunity to participate. Mostly, thank you all for supporting the Special Olympics. All of the athletes that I encountered while gearing up for the rappelling were excited and full of positive energy. You are helping them fulfill their dreams with your donations. It was very rewarding to be met at the bottom of the building with a medallion and several of the special olympics athletes greeting me with a loud “Congratulations!”

Learn more about Special Olympics NC here.

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