Red Epic vs. Canon DSLR

As you know our team is always pushing the envelope on the tools and techniques that they use to create awesome video productions.  They are always learning, trying out new things and deciding which tools and techniques improve our video productions and which are just neat little tricks.  Well, they have been researching the Red Epic for some time and we’re thrilled to get a chance to use it to shoot some TV Spots for some of our clients.

So we came up with our first test footage using the Red Epic for Carolina Ale House – Doesn’t this burger look great?  And how about that beer?

Can you tell the difference from the burger and beer above and this very nice and most popular TV commercial that we created for Carolina Ale House last Spring?  We shot this with our Canon DSLR and are very happy with the results – especially all the views online and the response from those who have seen this TV spot while watching basketball and hockey! We’d love your thoughts, comments and questions so let us know what you think!

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