Budget Cinema – Replacing the Battery Door on BMPCC4K

Blake and Bryan show you how to replace a broken battery door on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. 

Tiny Problem

In this installment of Budget Cinema, Blake and Bryan from Blueforest Studios demonstrate how to fix a broken battery door on the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC4K). When Blueforest Studios first received the camera, the first thing we noticed was that the battery door was open as soon as we pulled it out of the box. Upon further investigation, we found out the latch was broken and would not stay closed. We reached out to Blackmagic Design, and the support was really helpful. They sent us a replacement battery door, and we wanted to make a little video showing you how to properly install the new battery door.


Take Off the Broken Door

To remove the broken battery door, there is a small black lever near the hinge of the battery door that needs to slide to release itself from the camera. You will need to slide the tiny lever away from the lens, so sliding the lever towards the LCD screen on the back of the BMPCC4K.


Put on the New Door

Putting the door on is just the reverse of taking the broken one off. You pull the tab out of the way, and place the new door into place. It should click into place when it is successfully installed. Then you are all set!


Ready to Film!

It is an easy fix, but we wanted to make sure that the instructions are as helpful and user-friendly as possible  If you find yourself in a similar situation, contact Blackmagic Design support. They were helpful, and they will get you a new battery door. Get back out there and continue filming great content.
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Blueforest Studios is a Raleigh, North Carolina Video Production company.

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