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Ever see a boring video filled with statistics and facts that just keeps droning on to no end? Sure these numbers are important, but you just can’t seem to capture the viewer’s interest. So how does Blueforest Studios communicate complicated ideas in a way that gets people to pay attention? Keep reading.

We have many clients in the Research Triangle Park with technical products such as RTI International. RTI International is an independent, nonprofit institute that provides research, development, and technical services to government and commercial clients worldwide. Their new extensive analysis tool – the Obesity Cost Calculator – focuses on quantifying the magnitude of obesity in the workplace and assessing the benefits of providing interventions and incentives to better manage the health of corporate employees.

RTI International wanted us to use our integrated video production services to share their important product in a way that would be informative and engaging to their target audience. How do we take an overlooked problem filled with statistical data and facts and turn it into an interesting video? 

Our job was to create a video that provides information about the Obesity Cost Calculator to target benefit consultants and corporate agencies. We focused on including the important information but breaking it down in a way that was easier to understand.

We used a simple kinetic type animation to portray the facts and the product in the video.
We start the video by presenting ridiculously false info about obesity and then stating the sobering facts.

RTI created an obesity calculator that helps people estimate how much obesity is costing a company and assess how to best decrease those costs. The video points out that these health costs tend to be ignored or downplayed. It states a few big numbers to get people’s attention and then presents its calculator as a good way to find a solution. Learn more about the Obesity Cost Calculator here.

By breaking down the information, we are able to showcase how the calculator is a solution to a growing problem that many companies and employees can relate to.

Have a product that your company needs help showcasing? Having difficulty reaching your audience? We can help with all your video production needs!

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