S.A.V.E – Students working to make a difference

School is officially back in session!
With the beginning of a new school year also comes a wave of emotions. Excitement, nervousness, anticipation, anxiety – you name it. Not only is it difficult to navigate through the halls to your new classrooms, but trying to navigate around conflicting hopes and fears is beyond intimidating for students. Let’s face it, school is unpredictable. But there are tools that students can obtain to help face whatever situation they find themselves in.

Students can learn these tools from organizations like S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violence Everywhere). Our very own Kimberly Corrigan got to sit and chat with Annelise and Maggie from S.A.V.E. and ask them questions about who they are and what this organization means for students.

Maggie explained that S.A.V.E. is an organization all around the US, in which the main purpose is to educate and empower students with the tools they need to prevent violence – both physical and emotional. So even though school can be unpredictable, students can feel confident and properly equipped to deal with any challenge school may bring.

S.A.V.E. focuses on many sources of violence. One important lesson they teach is about driving safety. Annelise talked about one of their mock car crashes they held before prom. The goal is to bring awareness to high schoolers about the dangers surrounding reckless driving, which are especially heightened during the prom season. With the mock car crash and graphic visuals, they want to warn and prevent students driving while impaired, and showcase the deadly results of such actions.

Check out the video:

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