Some of Our Favorite Things (Christmas Commercials)

The holiday season is the best thing invented for advertising campaigns since the Super Bowl. Wait, that’s why we do it, right? Anyway, here are some of our favorite holiday commercials, old and new. And by our, I mean me, because I’m running this blog post. Amazingly, not all of my selections are animated.



This one was super cool back when I was 6. It’s still pretty great.


Yes please, employ more animators to make entire animated shorts for your holiday campaigns. Perfecto!


Have some history. See the historical backstory to their ad“It is a great hope for future peace when two great nations hating each other as foes have seldom hated, one side vowing eternal hate and vengeance and setting their venom to music, should on Christmas day and for all that the word implies, lay down their arms, exchange smokes and wish each other happiness.” 1915, the Times.


Physically impossible. Don’t care! It’s a metaphor.


No YOU’RE crying.


My personal favorite. See the making of for this video here.

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