The Blueforest Judges Meeting!


The judges (learn more about us here) have finally gotten together and discussed all the applicants for Blueforest Gives Back. After meeting together for the first time, it was time to get down to business. It was a challenging process as we looked individually at each applicant. We were very excited to see nonprofits we know and love and also organizations new to us. There was great analysis of every applicant’s strengths and weaknesses.

We looked at all 25 applicants individually, fully analyzing all the information we could. Many factors went into our criteria such as community presence, social engagement, and impact of the organization’s message. Some organizations are doing well on their own while others could use a helping hand. We gathered useful information about each nonprofit and their influence locally.

Despite a long conversation and tough decisions, we were all luckily on the same page about which applicants are the finalists Blueforest Studios will be working with. Check back here for an update!


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