The Death of Video Snippets and Why You Should Care

Why YouTube You Ask?!

Many people wonder why our team at Blueforest insists on using YouTube most of the time.  We adopted it a while back because it’s so easy to use and also because Google owns it; a well-optimized YouTube video or channel can lead to gains in organic Google Search.

We think that when people search for “organic cleaning products” they are more likely to click on the image below than a text based result.


We had great results for Greenshield Organic and they felt that being highly ranked helped them drive results from this video.

If your business relies on search to generate business…

We’ve optimized many videos over the past few years for clients and those that chose the YouTube route continue to enjoy better results than those who go with other players.  Some businesses need more control than YouTube permits and we get that.

However, if your business relies on search to generate business, you will want to go with YouTube.  During the Internet Summit we learned from Michael King, literally the king of SEO, that Google has removed video snippets from almost all results except those coming from YouTube.


This study from Wistia clearly demonstrates the superiority of YouTube if you depend on search and want to get the most bang for your buck from your video.  You may still see some results that are directly on the website or from Vimeo BUT in order to see those results the ‘searcher’ would need to filter for “video” results (meaning they are not on the general “Web” search page).

The evidence is in the search results…

As you can see in these “video” search results, there is one top result directly from our website but all the others are from YouTube. This supports Wistia’s claim that other video snippets are not being featured.


So when you’re searching the web, which of the results below do you think you would click?


If you have any questions about video optimization or video production ask in the comments section or give us a shout out!

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