The Growth of Video Content Marketing

As technology and how we access products change, audiences turn to videos to learn more about the products and companies they’re interested in. Videos attract customers and help them to understand the product and company further.


Video is a necessary addition to content marketing because of its direct reach to potential clients. When Blueforest Studios first started producing videos, clients just wanted a video for their homepage to give an overview of their business. Now clients are looking for content to drive traffic to their sites and social media pages. Content video allows customers to connect and interact with the business and creates loyalty. According to Cisco, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019 globally.

Companies are now looking to get potential clients into the “video vortex” by producing videos that are about their products, services and even staff. Light, fun videos keep the prospects thinking about a company and their products and services. One great type of content video is the How-To Video, which is an evergreen way to engage with current or potential clients and provide real value to them when they are looking for answers.


Video content marketing allows businesses to stand out from their competitors. With constant information readily available, businesses are essentially competing for the audience’s attention. In order to drive customers to your videos they must be relevant and engaging.

Video is a powerful tool that if done right will create interest in your business. Content videos need to serve a purpose and demonstrate how your product/service solves a problem for your customers. These videos need to be a part of your integrated marketing strategy, not just created for one time use. Your story needs to be told and your video needs to be seen. With our team and our blueboost, we do just that.


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