Host Triangle AdFed Internships in Your Company

Does your company have an internship program?

If not, you are missing out on a lot of benefits! Interns offer valuable short-term support and can be of great help when a big deadline is coming up. Interns themselves benefit as well – they get work knowledge and experience.

At Blueforest Studios, we love internships! This is why for a 3rd year in a row we participate in the WWDUC2 internship program organized by the Triangle Advertising Federation. The fancy 6-symbol abbreviation stands for What We Do, You Can Too, a name that reflects the essence of this great program.

WWDUC2’s goal is to educate talented and enthusiastic high-school students from diverse backgrounds about the unique career opportunities in the advertising industry through a week-long summer internship.

Here are 4 reasons why your company should host WWDUC2:

  1. Committed, bright students from the area will be doing great work at your company – for free!
  2. You will get a fresh outside perspective on the work your team does
  3. It’s an awesome chance to give back to the community by sharing your vast experience with the intern
  4. Triangle AdFed membership is not mandatory to host WWDUC2 and host participation is free!

Interns will participate in as many tasks and projects as possible and interact with different people in the organization to enhance their learning experience. Their interests and skills will be matched to the specialty of the hosting company to achieve the best possible outcome for both sides. Here is an example video that one of last year’s interns got to work on at Blueforest Studios:

You can download an application form to host an internship here.

Share your experience with the young leaders to make our professional community stronger!

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