Virtual Graduation 2020 Packages from Blueforest

COVID-19 has forced us all to think and work in new and creative ways. For 2020 graduates, this is a particularly challenging time. We’ve had schools reach out to us to brainstorm solutions to help them create memorable graduation events for their students. Graduation is a watershed event for students, and we want to find a way to safely create an event that doesn’t deny them that experience. Our team of creative producers developed a package to help.

Virtual Graduation Ceremony
How it works: Our video team will film each student in cap and gown walking across your auditorium stage and receiving their diploma. We will also film an address by the Dean/Principal, Student Valedictorian, and a speaker of your choice. We will film two weeks in advance of your graduation date. After filming we will edit the footage, add on-screen names and titles and music, and then air the finished video live on your social media outlets on the date of your choice. We will work with you to add creative touches such as a video montage of students tossing their caps, or something unique to your school.

Alternatively, if permitted in your area, you can host a drive-in movie theatre style event. We will work with you to source an appropriate location and manage large screen rentals and AV equipment.

Keeping it safe:
We will film with a crew of 2. Our crew will wear masks and gloves and maintain at least a six foot distance from any student. Students will arrive and wait in their vehicle until directed by your staff to enter the auditorium. We will allow one student in the auditorium at a time to abide by social distancing regulations.

Package inclusions:
-Video of each student receiving diploma
-Video of up to three speakers (filmed individually)
-Professional editing, on-screen names & titles, background music
-Live stream of your final graduation video to your preferred social media outlet (youtube, facebook, vimeo)
-Still photo of each student receiving diploma
Assistance with a drive-in movie theatre style event will be an additional fee depending upon the level of support you need.

Want to learn more? We’re happy to help you make a memory for your graduates.

Contact to learn more, and book a creative session with our team.

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