Why wise brands use video on PPC landing pages

There’s an obvious truth about PPC many brands ignore: clicks don’t guarantee sales. You may have rolled out a killer ad campaign, but the returns are looking slim. The secret lies not in your ads, but in where they lead your leads. Let’s review the journey of your PPC lead. First, your lead clicks your ad. They’ll arrive on your landing page, review the content and decide really quickly if they should do what you’re asking. Your landing page needs to be primed to flip those leads into profitable action. Once again, your Raleigh video production gurus here at Blueforest will show you the way. Here’s why you should be using video on your PPC landing pages.

People believe in a human brand

If you’re not believable, you’ll join the ranks of every other company trying to scam people out of their hard-earned cash. You’re not one of those companies. But now we need to get your audience to believe it too. By sharing your brand story through video, you can show off all the beautiful people that make your brand shine. Real footage of your team and where you work are phenomenal for making a credible landing page.

Do you want to really lock concept down? People love to get a product made with care by people who understand their needs. “Made for you, by people like you.” Chances are your value comes from solving problems you also experience. Show your team actually solving your audience’s problems. If your audience believes you know their struggle, they put themselves in your shoes. They trust you because they trust themselves. The sales become nearly effortless.

People find truth in tiny details

Do you think shady companies are showing off the real results of the products they’re selling? No chance. Stand out by showing exactly how your services improve the lives of your audience.

Video shows off details that could be selectively omitted in a nice piece of text copy. When you’re showing how your freshly-made Italian food puts smiles on your patrons’ faces, people see the cleanliness of your restaurant. While you’re showing off your software company’s offices, your audience is seeing how casual (or stuffy) your work environment feels. They’re seeing what their experience will be like interacting with you. Capture your reality if it’s a good one, and your audience will actually take action when you call them to act.

Simple drives sales

When all is said and done, your landing page is a fast-track to your CTA. Any text and even a nice streamlined infographic pack a fair level of friction. If people believe they have to do work (like read and think) to know why they should pay you, you’ve already lost.

Video is a passive medium that cuts your landing page down to two simple actions: watch a short video and follow the call-to-action. The release of friction is immediate. As a result, your audience glides right through your message and directly into your requested action. Since more people reach your call-to-action, they’re more likely to convert. Simple really does drive sales.

Land in success with your Raleigh video production gurus

You’re going to see a huge shift in success as you build a compelling PPC landing page. You’ve learned that humanizing your brand, showing off the little things, and keeping it simple makes a world of difference. If you want to learn even more, we here at Blueforest always have your back. There’s a reason you’ve been working so hard to promote your services. Let’s get your audience to see why. Chat with us and we’ll show you exactly how we’ll do it.

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