Blueforest Gives Back

At Blueforest Studios, we are passionate about telling powerful stories and we love to give back to great causes. Blueforest Gives Back is our way of doing both. If you are a non-profit with a powerful story to tell, we want to hear about it. If we like the story you could win a $10,000 video production!

Before applying, let’s talk about what makes a great story. We are looking specifically for non-profits who have already identified a personal story that demonstrates the impact their organization has.

In order to have a great story, you need to have four things. You need a character, you need to know what they value most in life, you need to have something that threatens that value, and we need to know how your non-profit overcomes that threat.

If you feel you have those things, please apply below for our $10,000 video production grant. We give away that prize up to once per year and we have not yet awarded a prize for 2018. So if you have a great story, your chances of winning are good.

Previous Videos

Blueforest Gives Back 2016

In 2016, we partnered with The Center for Volunteer Caregiving, whose mission is to engage the community in providing volunteer services to improve the lives of seniors, caregivers, and adults with disabilities. They needed a video that could help recruit new volunteers to join their cause. So we captured the story of Nancy and Jean, two participants in the Center’s program. Watch the final result:

Blueforest Gives Back 2015

Blueforest Gives Back 2015 was a great success. Thanks to everyone who made it happen, especially all the great folks at CASA! CASA is a Raleigh-based nonprofit housing developer and property manager. They focus primarily on multi-family rental properties for people living with disabilities and veterans who have experienced homelessness. CASA’s housing model ends homelessness for people in great need by offering safe, permanent places to live. Check out the animation we created for them:

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