Three Magic Words

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Every Story Needs a Little Bit of Magic Story by Robert McKee is a great book geared towards Hollywood screenwriting, but the principles of good storytelling can be applied anywhere. The lessons in this book have helped the Blueforest Studios team transform our techniques, and we want to help you perform the same magic. What’s read more »

The Story Sandwich

Ammon eating story sandwich

Here’s Ammon delving deeper into this delicious concept of brand storytelling. How to Make a Story Sandwich Ahhh the sandwich, one of the most versatile and universally adored culinary inventions. Why? Because it’s everything you need in one convenient package. Although it may sound like a strange concept, a good story is a lot like read more »

5 Simple Steps to Telling Your Brand Story

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In “5 Simple Storytelling Steps,” Ammon Ehrisman breaks down brand storytelling in five simple steps. 5 Simple Steps So you want to tell your brand’s story? Then you’ve come to the right place. It seems like a daunting process. Some of you have probably already spent many an hour staring down at a blank page, or read more »

Blueforest Gives Back 2019

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This video could very well change the course of your entire non-profit organization. No seriously……we’re not kidding. What is Blueforest Gives Back? Blueforest Studios offers the chance to win a $10,000 video. Every year we like to give back to the community and share the love. Being a video production company from Raleigh, we know read more »

Medical Video Production

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A Spoonful of Medicine At Blueforest Studios we have produced hundreds of medical videos in several different categories. We love that medical videos often have very compelling stories about real people. What can be better than saving a life or making a life better by helping someone to heal? Check out this short video showing read more »

The Tell All to Storytelling

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Once upon a time in a Raleigh Video Production Studio lived Ammon, the creative director of Blueforest Studios. He stood before the internet and proclaimed his love for storytelling and shared what he knew with the curious people of the world. People Love Stories Whether it’s a book you just can’t put down, a classic read more »

Audio for Video (why it matters)

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  At Blueforest Studios, we are constantly looking for ways to improve what we do and expand our skill set. Sometimes that means finding a new animation effect to apply, imagining new camera movements to implement in one of our client videos or just learning how others pull off a well-executed production. Over lunch one read more »

Hospital’s Small Budget Video Produced Big Results

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Small but Mighty Blueforest Studios, video production company based in Raleigh NC, partnered with WakeMed to deliver a unique and engaging video for  Halloween. WakeMed was looking for a low-cost quick turnaround video for social media that highlighted the activities in the NICU during Halloween. The Blueforest Studios team was up for the challenge and read more »

Tips For Filming A Documentary (To Instantly Make It Better!)

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Filming a documentary can be fruitless if you choose the wrong Raleigh video production team. Documentaries require a team to capture every moment of a story with precision. Seasoned videographers must use appropriate techniques and tools with little room for error. As a result, your footage will either unveil a powerful narrative or become more stale read more »

Different Animation Styles Available For Your Video

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  Even the greatest animation studios in North Carolina may be missing the ideal animation style for your brand. Animation videos are created often, but aren’t always used to their full potential. Many buyers order a video style without understanding its strengths or weaknesses. The result is a film that packs a weakened return-on-investment. That’s read more »