Audio for Video (and why it matters)

audio editing microphone

  At Blueforest Studios, we are constantly looking for ways to improve what we do and expand our skill set. Sometimes that means finding a new animation effect to apply, imagining new camera movements to implement in one of our client videos or just learning how others pull off a well-executed production. Over lunch one read more »

Hospital’s Small Budget Video Produced Big Results

WakeMed NICU infant batman

Small but Mighty Blueforest Studios partnered with WakeMed to deliver a unique and engaging video for  Halloween. WakeMed was looking for a low-cost quick turnaround video for social media that highlighted the activities in the NICU during Halloween. The Blueforest Studios team was up for the challenge and this is what happened:     Video read more »

Tips For Filming A Documentary (To Instantly Make It Better!)

raleigh video production company using a video camera to shoot a documentary

Filming a documentary can be fruitless if you choose the wrong Raleigh video production team. Documentaries require a team to capture every moment of a story with precision. Seasoned videographers must use appropriate techniques and tools with little room for error. As a result, your footage will either unveil a powerful narrative or become more stale read more »

Different Animation Styles Available For Your Video

best animation studios in north carolina - blueforest studios

  Even the greatest animation studios in North Carolina may be missing the ideal animation style for your brand. Animation videos are created often, but aren’t always used to their full potential. Many buyers order a video style without understanding its strengths or weaknesses. The result is a film that packs a weakened return-on-investment. That’s read more »

How Much Is An Animation Video? (The Truth Behind The Quotes)

how much is an animation video-take my money

[ via Giphy] Obtaining animation video prices from Raleigh production companies can be difficult while shopping around. Video productions generally require a consultation before you can find out their prices. Even then, it’s only an estimate that doesn’t represent the rate of all animation service providers. This can leave many buyers in the dark as they overpay read more »

Best Spots In The Triangle To Shoot Video? Try Durham!

skyline of durham, video production raleigh nc copyright blueforest studios

  Sometimes it’s challenge to find the perfect location for your video shoot. Fortunately, you– as a local of North Carolina’s Triangle area– have a pristine choice of spots for your video marketing shoot. As a premier Raleigh video production company, we at Blueforest feel perfectly suited to show our home some love. If you’re read more »

Best Place To Film A Time Lapse Video In The Triangle

where to shoot timelapse video production in north carolina

Time-lapse video can be tricky if you don’t have the right environment or subjects. With video production in North Carolina, you fortunately can access anywhere imaginable. Within hours you can venture from mountains to sea, skyscrapers to rural pastures. However, you don’t have to travel far outside the Triangle to find your perfect shot. As read more »

Top 4 Examples Of Great Marketing Videos In The Triangle

raleigh skyline captured by a raleigh video production company

We at Blueforest Studios talk a lot about ways to deliver the best video production North Carolina has ever seen. This time, we want to show you some very cool samples of great marketing video —coming right out of the Triangle! You won’t see any features from your favorite Raleigh video production company this time. read more »

Should Your Company Be Using Drone Footage?

Drones are great for giving your marketing videos a fresh perspective. If your brand’s advertising feels a bit stale or generic, you might want to consider changing up your style. This filming format may be perfect for some companies and pointless for others. As one of the premier production companies in Raleigh NC, we want read more »

Why is my YouTube video not getting any views?

Why is my YouTube video about raleigh video production not getting any views?

Your brand’s videos are craving some tender loving but your audiences aren’t feeling it. Your video isn’t some hideous beast that needs a breath mint. It just needs a bit of style advice and a few new social skills. In simple terms, you’re probably just using a great video in a poor way. With these read more »