Want to edit video? Our 4 best beginner video editing software picks

Modern marketing has shifted towards video in an intense way. Media platforms like YouTube dominate the internet, and social media generally is pushing harder every day for video content. Now is a wildly opportune time to jump into video production, and today’s tech makes it effortless to jump into. For beginners, it’s wise to start small read more »

Why wise brands use video on PPC landing pages

There’s an obvious truth about PPC many brands ignore: clicks don’t guarantee sales. You may have rolled out a killer ad campaign, but the returns are looking slim. The secret lies not in your ads, but in where they lead your leads. Let’s review the journey of your PPC lead. First, your lead clicks your read more »

How to create an awesome company video to drive SALES

In this edition of Blueforest video production tips and tricks, let’s cut the filler. You need people to buy from your company. If you want to up your profits, video is the dominating format for converting content views into real sales. For starters, the rate of video consumption is going through the roof as it read more »

Should my company create an animated video?

Brand marketing is becoming far more animated in 2018– literally. As business becomes more abstract and data-driven (see: blockchain), you are basically required to have simple explanations for your audience. The average modern marketer is waking up to the epiphany that there’s a lot of marketers can learn from cartoons. You’re going to be better than average, read more »

4 creative ways to use video in 2018

Blueforest Creative Video Use

It is already a quarter into 2018 and you’re still not using video marketing for your brand. What are you waiting for? With so many tech tools available to you, it’s a wonder you’re not jumping at the chance to get bold and creative. Have no fear, you’ve got us at Blueforest Studios to guide read more »

Creating the perfect explainer video

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Before making your explainer video, ask yourself: does your brand have a strong elevator pitch? If you aren’t ready to quickly explain your brand at any time, it’s time to get your story together.With these Blueforest video production quick tips, we’ll share answers to the following:• How do you talk about your brand in under 90 seconds?• read more »

Does your brand need a story? Should you have a brand story?

Do you truly know your business’ image? Well, let’s say your friends and family tell you about a cool new restaurant, or some great organic grocery store. To start, they tell you their experiences with the business. They mention how the employees act, the look of the store, and it reflects the whole organization. They’re read more »

The essential do’s and don’ts for your company video

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The Internet has come a long way since the early days of goofy 1990s clip art. Video content is officially dominating. Just view anyone’s social media feeds for evidence of this. As a brand, it can be challenging to get your own material heard. Don’t just focus on where you’re sharing your creations. Do be read more »

Engaging your Audience Through Storytelling

Engaging your audience through brand storytelling

There is a clear reason why you should start engaging your audience through brand storytelling. Audiences are engaging with very specific content and skipping the rest. Here we will explore the logic behind storytelling, so you can start refining your business voice today. Why Use Storytelling? Brands have recognized they must become more human, and the read more »