S.A.V.E – Students working to make a difference

School is officially back in session! With the beginning of a new school year also comes a wave of emotions. Excitement, nervousness, anticipation, anxiety – you name it. Not only is it difficult to navigate through the halls to your new classrooms, but trying to navigate around conflicting hopes and fears is beyond intimidating for read more »

What does it take to be a Voice Artist? Is that like a hand model?

Becoming a professional voice-over artist is no picnic in the park. Some of us remember the Seinfeld episode where George is a hand model. Let’s just be clear that being a voice artist is both a gift – like George’s hands – and a cultivated skill. Plenty of people sound great, but there are many read more »

Until Next Time…

The time has come for my Marketing internship to end. It’s bittersweet, yes, but it also brings a new beginning for other opportunities I can obtain to share my talents with. I have sharpened and gained skills at Blueforest Studios, which include social media, researching, and writing. I had been an avid user of many read more »

Upcoming Fall Seminars at Blueforest Studios

Nonprofit Storytelling Seminar October 18, 2016 Do you know what it takes to tell a marvelous, memorable story? Learn the steps to becoming a master storyteller at our Storytelling Seminar, back by popular demand. As a marketer, you understand the importance of storytelling, as well as the difficulties in crafting your message. Grabbing the attention of read more »

Blueforest Inside Look Part 3

We’re at our final stop of the Blueforest Studios tour. This is the stop where the eyes and ears masterminds come together to create a knockout masterpiece for our clients. Prepare to meet some more of our video and audio team members! Sean Riddle The Fit Project Manager Sean ensures all Blueforest projects remain on point and read more »

Instagram Debuts Story Feature Of Its Own

Written by Brendan Bello If you are familiar with Snapchat stories, Instagram just introduced a similar service last week. It’s called Instagram Stories, a new feature that allows users to upload photos and videos up to 10 seconds to their feed. Aside from the simple text option, users can draw on their stories via marker, read more »

Blueforest Inside Look Part 2

As promised, our tour of Blueforest Studios continues. This stop will focus on some of our graphics and video team members as well as some of our current interns whose creative geniuses help spark Blueforest Studios. Meet Emily Kohler The Laid-Back Illustrator+Animator Emily provides animation and design components for clients’ projects at Blueforest Studios. This read more »

BtB Marketing – Raleigh Business-To-Business Marketing Agency

Not all marketing is created equal!  Some companies need straightforward pieces that convince consumers that their product solves their problem!  (Think about Bayer Aspirin Commercials). That’s not a simple task but good agencies can break down the problem and craft a campaign that will clearly communicate the solution to the consumer.  Then there are those who need read more »

Brendan in the Big Blueforest

My name is Brendan Bello, but if you saw the video below you may already know that. (If you haven’t, I suggest you check it out! *wink*) It isn’t your typical “sit down and let’s talk about yourself” kind of video; we took a more dynamic approach to it. We wanted to shoot the interview read more »

Bryan and Vann – Recreating Calvin and Hobbes in the workplace

Summer is in full swing, and maybe that has caused us to revert to our childhoods a little bit here at Blueforest Studios. Recently, Vann and I were discussing some of our favorite Calvin and Hobbes strips. After a little while, we decided to recreate some of our favorite Calvin and Hobbes strips, taking place read more »