Our Services

Cinematic Video Production

Your story deserves to be told. Let us help you tell your story through stunning 4K cinematic video production. From concept to completion, this includes:

  • initial creative meetings
  • location scouting
  • editing
  • storyboarding
  • casting
  • audio mastering
  • script writing
  • filming
  • post-production SEO

Move your audience to action. Our specialty is high-end corporate video production. We use our brand storytelling model to engage and educate, effectively moving your audience to action.

Connect with consumers and capture sales with breathtaking commercial video production. Attract and hire quality personnel with authentic corporate recruiting videos. Retain your best employees and cultivate a positive company culture with motivational company training videos. Capture highlights that showcase your latest business event with event coverage. Whether your needs are commercial video production, corporate recruiting videos, training videos, or event coverage, we’ll make it happen.

cinematic video production by blueforest studios
motion graphics and animation by blueforest studios

Motion Graphics & Animation

Take your storytelling to the next level. While beautiful live-action videos are great for storytelling, motion graphics and animation enhance stories by allowing you to bring even the most complex concepts to life. This works well for video projects like product deconstructions, or medical, science, and technology explanations.

As a leading Raleigh animation studio, we offer a variety of motion graphic and animation services. Using local artists, we create animated explainer videos and custom animations in a variety of styles, including white board, hand-drawn, and vector.

Other Services

Blueboost VSEO. You want your story to reach as many people as possible, and so do we! By using our add-on VSEO video marketing services, we can help you optimize your video for maximum online exposure.

Aerial Video Production. Take your brand story to new heights and add an exciting twist with aerial video production. We offer licensed and insured aerial drone videography to add that special something to your videos!

Time-lapse video production. Looking to capture the evolution of a subject over time? From sunsets, to cityscapes, to construction and project instillations, time-lapse video production is an incredibly unique way to create a memorable story.

Documentaries. Our satisfaction comes from creating compelling stories, especially those deep and rich topics often covered in documentary productions. At Blueforest, we offer the development and production of documentary films and series–from historical documentary production to family documentary production. If you have a documentary project, we’d love to work with you!

Studio. Are you in need of studio space to shoot a video, or photography? Contact us today to find out more about renting studio space from us!

blueforest studios blackmagic ursa camera