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Budget Cinema – Ammon’s Favorite Piece of Gear

Ammon talks about his favorite piece of gear, and it only costs about 60 bucks!

Gimme Gear!

Ammon is the creative director here at Blueforest Studios, and over his career he’s bought lots of gear. We love our toys here, but we also are always trying to stay in our budget. We work with all kinds of companies, and they all are trying to stay in budget (especially non-profits). So, we are always looking for the best tools for the lowest price. And that brings us to Ammon’s favorite piece of gear, the beach cart!


Wait, What?
You might be thinking, that can’t be his favorite piece of equipment. Blueforest Studios uses drones and sliders and cool cameras! And, you might be right. That stuff is really cool and fun. But, one thing that’s not fun is throwing your back out because you’ve been lugging equipment miles at a time on a 10 hours shoot. We do lots of medical videos, which includes walking all over large hospital campuses (like WakeMed right here in Raleigh, NC). And, we have to lug around all of our cool equipment. So, these carts are super handy.

Easy In, Easy Out

These carts are also super easy to setup and to pack up. Time is of the essence on busy shoot days, and being able to open the cart super quickly and load a bunch of stuff into it right away is a huge time saver. But, it also packs up really quickly. We usually just toss it on top of the equipment right before we leave. Last thing in and first thing out of the van.


Use What’s Around You

So, the lesson is that sometimes the best piece of equipment isn’t actually designed for video production. Sometimes it’s made for going out to the beach and getting away.


Let us know what pieces of equipment you use that are super cheap and useful!

Blueforest Studios is a Raleigh, North Carolina Video Production company.