Before and After BlueVision

When creating new videos, sometimes it’s fun to try things that you have never tried before. I love trying a new filming technique, playing with a new camera, pushing my limits in the editing suite, or anything that feels new and exciting. But, sometimes, it’s best to just do the simple things really well and leave it at that.

That is the approach we took when we were creating a video for a company called Phone Lasso. Phone Lasso is a simple device: it’s a strap that connects to your phone to help keep you from breaking or losing it. So, we wanted to make a simple video that explained how to use it. Simple, but high quality. Phone Lasso already had a video of someone showing how to install the Phone Lasso, but it was not high quality. The lighting was bad, the music set a bizarre, mysterious tone, and it wasn’t even extremely clear what to do. So, we wanted to do a similar video but improve the quality.

First, we lit the scene well. We added lots of soft light from all angles to help achieve a flat, simple look (think about all of those delicious cooking videos you see on Facebook. That is the aesthetic we were going for, visually).

Next, we added a voice over. We wanted there to be clear, succinct directions for how to install the Phone lasso. The first step in this process is writing clear, succinct copy.

After that, we wanted to punch it up and make it a little more exciting. We added some fun, informative graphics, an upbeat, happy music track (note: stock music doesn’t have to mean terrible music), and we grabbed a couple of outdoor shots of people using the device in the real world.

Taking a little extra time and polishing all of the details really helped the video pop. Take a look at this comparison video and see the difference between the video that Phone Lasso already had and the one that Blueforest Studios produced:

Phone Lasso – Blue Vision Comparison from Blueforest Studios on Vimeo.

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