Brendan in the Big Blueforest

My name is Brendan Bello, but if you saw the video below you may already know that. (If you haven’t, I suggest you check it out! *wink*) It isn’t your typical “sit down and let’s talk about yourself” kind of video; we took a more dynamic approach to it.

We wanted to shoot the interview in one take, tour-de-studio style, packing as much information as we could into a 60 second video. To do that in a minimal amount of production time, we decided to have me voice over a walk-through of the office. With that in mind, I wrote the script, planned the route, and chose some music to accompany the video. After some revision and review, Dustin helped me record my lines.

Stepping into the sound booth, I was ready to speak my lines, and we would be ready to roll. But right when I started, a bit of pressure and anxiety took me by surprise. Then, I knew why voice artists make the big bucks. Even if you are the most confident and relaxed person in the world, you need practice in order to gain complete control over your voice. Luckily, I had Dustin and Bryan there to help me ease into the lines. Two of the most relaxed people I know just outside the booth helps a ton.

Finally, came the day of the shoot. Bryan and I did a couple dry runs and wrapped up after four takes. It was real fun having many of my co-workers be extras in the video and a blast working out the camera angles to get them where they needed to be. It was also a great experience working with Bryan on the edit, adding the music, syncing the voice-over, overlaying some titles, and simply making the video look good. I won’t spoil the whole thing though, because I want you to see for yourself!

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