The essential do’s and don’ts for your company video

The Internet has come a long way since the early days of goofy 1990s clip art. Video content is officially dominating. Just view anyone’s social media feeds for evidence of this. As a brand, it can be challenging to get your own material heard. Don’t just focus on where you’re sharing your creations. Do be the one producing incredible video worth watching in the first place! You need some Blueforest video production tips & tricks, so let’s dive into these important do’s and don’ts for your company video.

Don’t use social media for long video

You can still use powerful storytelling through long-form content. Just snip a short and sweet teaser cut to share on Instagram and other social media. Link it to your longer video on where ever you want your audience to go– like your website or YouTube.

Don’t make video to cash in on the trend

Does your audience really sit to watch video on social media often? Are they frequently on the road consuming media in other ways? Do they seek out podcasts, blogs, or some other forms of content? The fact is that video isn’t perfect for every message, so only use it if it’s the perfect medium for yours.

Don’t ignore visuals

Ammon from Blueforest Studios

You don’t see grainy, shaky recipe tutorials going viral because people want quality. Don’t deliver an awesome message through less than stellar visuals. A little planning and decent editing goes a long way. You can always work with a proper video production team to elevate your message even higher.

Do know your audience

You’re creating for your audience, so build your content the way they would want to experience it. That means using language they understand, minus the jargon. Know the platforms they hang out on to experience content like yours. Speak to their aspirations and struggles so they’ll actually engage you further.

Do get to the point

The audience must clearly understand why they should watch. You’ve got to be quick with your point or risk losing your audience’s attention. Aim to attract, engage, and guide your audience to follow through. To accomplish this, organize your video with a clear purpose (selling points) at the beginning, supporting points throughout, and close with your call to action. Your audience will thank you.

Do lead your audience to a follow-up action

Your video is a means to an end. Watching it isn’t the goal, you’re focused on the action your viewer takes afterward. So if you want them to go to your website, tell them. Alternatively, ask them a question that gets them thinking and talking with you. The action is what drives business, so call your audience to take action.

Video production takes time, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting.

Creating a powerful service or product in itself is already enough work. Building phenomenal content promotions might push you to burnout. The Blueforest Studios team specializes in the in’s and out’s of crafting professional video content. When we share the “why” behind your work, clients have faith you’ll solve their challenges better than anyone else. Schedule a meeting today to give your brand a video production revolution.

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