Hospital’s Small Budget Video Produced Big Results

Small but Mighty

Blueforest Studios, video production company based in Raleigh NC, partnered with WakeMed to deliver a unique and engaging video for  Halloween. WakeMed was looking for a low-cost quick turnaround video for social media that highlighted the activities in the NICU during Halloween. The Blueforest Studios team was up for the challenge and this is what happened:



Video Made in a JIF-fy

This project was unlike previous video projects. The video was filmed and delivered within 48 hours. The price of the video was lower because there were only one videographer and one day of editing. The turnaround time was extremely fast for this particular project. Another reason this video was low cost was the scripting. WakeMed was in charge of the script for the Halloween video.

baby wearing jif outfit


Challenge Accepted

The goal of this video was to create a fun and engaging video for social media. Blueforest Studios did just that along with receiving a high number of traction from followers and those who are not following WakeMed on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube). View the data below comparing the average views of 6 videos in the given social media platform compared to the views on the Halloween Video:

i'll make it happen gif


Video Views on Social Media

wakemed youtube video comparison

WakeMed has 850 Subscribers on their YouTube Channel and received over 251 views.


wakemed facebook video comparison

WakeMed has 11,392 people following their Facebook Page. WakeMed’s Halloween video received over 21,000 views. Which is 7 times more views than average!


wakemed instagram video comparison

WakeMed has 2,430 followers on their Instagram Page and received 1,988 plays on Instagram.


Loved by Local News

wakemed nicu halloween costumes abc11 videoThe video gained so much traction that it was featured on ABC11 Local Raleigh News for Halloween. Nothing can brighten up your day like little babies in tiny Halloween costumes!

Watch the video in the link below to the news report of the Halloween costumes at WakeMed.



lady in nicu smiling


happy baby with puppiesThe social media video was a huge success. The team looks forward to making more videos like this in the future. I mean come on, what’s cuter than babies?… puppies and babies!

This style of social media video is becoming more and more popular in forms of views. To the consumer, it breaks out of the mold. No longer feeling like an ad, but a video they enjoy watching. With this example of a quick turnaround, low-cost video to have extremely high video views is amazing. Blueforest Studios will keep chasing the newest and most valuable form of video.

For a full story behind the tiny costumes read WakeMed’s article linked below.


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