Top 4 Examples Of Great Marketing Videos In The Triangle

raleigh skyline captured by a raleigh video production company

We at Blueforest Studios talk a lot about ways to deliver the best video production North Carolina has ever seen. This time, we want to show you some very cool samples of great marketing video —coming right out of the Triangle! You won’t see any features from your favorite Raleigh video production company this time. We wanted to highlight the amazing work that others are making in our area. This selection puts storytelling at the forefront (and for good reason). It taps into our emotions and gets us more than excited about these brands. Our hope is to show you that the right shots and narrative can make any of your videos pop. Without further wait, here are 4 of our favorite marketing videos in the Triangle!

Visit Raleigh

This tourism video packs a true connection because the locals are telling their city’s story.  If you’re aiming to make your message land, you need to share experiences with your viewers. It’s not just a narrator talking about things and places. You aren’t just learning about the coffee shops or music venues that live in Raleigh. To quote the video, you are viewing an open “window” into how the city lives and breathes.
The tone comes to captivate and inspire– using a great balance of steady cinematic shots and intimate handheld shots. The aesthetics remain consistent between shots, despite many setting changes. When you finish, you get a sense of how it is to actually visit Raleigh. Mission accomplished.

UNC “For All Kind: The Campaign for Carolina”

Universities have more urgency to share their values than most brands. Prospective students use this as a pivotal feature to make decisions in this crowded space. UNC does not slack with their brand story, and they use a highly refined script to share it.
Their brand seems to be focused on being highly inclusive and every feature of this video embodies that idea. A wide set of academic disciplines are highlighted, with a cast of diverse genders, ethnicities, and ages. Subdued colors and select slow motion shots are filmed with a drama akin to an inspirational promo for an NFL team. The atmospheric strings track delivers a steady build towards the climax of the message: UNC cultivates extraordinary people of all kinds for the good of all people. If you’re looking to make a statement as a humanitarian brand, this is a good benchmark.

Red Hat “Inside Red Hat’s Raleigh Headquarters”

Corporations like Red Hat use recruitment video to sell their benefits to potential hires. This video remains focused and gets right to the point with their workplace features. They begin by staging the office location with macro-to-micro level shots of the city and streets. Jumping into the details of their space, the team doesn’t dwell on building specs for long.
The Red Hat team establishes the company culture very quickly, showing how they maintain a relaxing, sociable atmosphere amidst their professionalism. The script uses the building amenities as a vehicle for the true message: Red Hat is a fun space to collaborate and grow your career. The employees tell this story themselves, which brings prospective employees closer to feeling a part of the work community before they’re even hired. Bravo, Red Hat.

Rise “Before The Bite – Bacon, Fried Egg and Cheese Biscuit”

Finally, we come to Rise with the most unique video of the bunch. This might be the best yet– even with literally no voice overs or spoken script. The opening footage feels like an average customer POV restaurant ad, but quickly subverts into a brand new film. The video does a fake-out and reverses to the true ‘start.’ Then we see the entire handmade journey this breakfast sandwich takes.
The result is an intimate and fun look into your meal, while getting a glimpse into the brand’s values. The first-person POV makes this a very personal video. In addition, “your” biscuit is the sole subject of the video. The final story says Rise biscuits are fresh and personal just for you, every time. It’s highly impressive to tell a story like this in under a minute, while flipping audience expectations and using only video as the narrative. This is the kind of efficiency you should target with your marketing video!

Ready to make your own great marketing videos?

The task of making an awesome brand video doesn’t have to be daunting. Our hope at Blueforest Studios is that you’ve learned a bit of what defines a great video.  You’ve learned to use perspective, color, and even your background music to set the tone of your film. You also now know how powerfully a focused script can boost your message. If you ever want to talk more on the details of incredible video production North Carolina and beyond, give us a call! Set up a chat with us and we’ll be glad to help you reach your video marketing goals.


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