4 creative ways to use video in 2018

It is already a quarter into 2018 and you’re still not using video marketing for your brand. What are you waiting for? With so many tech tools available to you, it’s a wonder you’re not jumping at the chance to get bold and creative. Have no fear, you’ve got us at Blueforest Studios to guide you through some compelling ways to use video this year. Take a journey with your Raleigh video production sages as we dive into your video branding options.


Unscripted company broadcasts

Despite the recent Facebook controversy, social media isn’t going anywhere. In the interest of keeping you from becoming outdated: stop ignoring that “stories” feature! All your major platforms now give you a tool to share bite-sized video. Users are becoming more visual animals, so let’s appeal to them.

The key is to humanize your brand by letting let your casual side come out. Go with behind-the-scenes looks into your office life, current projects, or even a little break room banter. Keep it classy, but keep it loose. If your viewers see that you’re a lot like them, they are far more likely to do business with you.


Waiting room video

Every point of contact with your audience should create an atmosphere that promotes your brand story. Are you a hospital or an apartment rental property with a main office? You’ve got a waiting area and we know you’ve got a television in there. If you walk up to any of the TVs and push the power, the news channel flickers on. This is in many cases a massive wasted opportunity for your company.

Set yourself up with brand videos that really push your brand’s narrative. The goal is to help your audience see how much better their life can be because of you. Focus on what their life can become, and use that to upsell your services or craft a positive brand image. You should use video to paint a mental story your customers won’t forget.



Video on the web doesn’t always mean “click play to view.” Moving images (GIFs) are a quirky and very modern way for your brand to catch your audience’s attention. In a traditional sense, they’re great for quick product feature demos or eye-catching Facebook headers.

For your website or newsletters, these can be especially compelling if you play with the format a bit. Always think outside the box when guiding your audience through your content. Maybe someone’s doing the old “walking downstairs behind the couch” gag, but on your webpage. Be bold!


Hiring, Training, and Onboarding

Your company culture is a critical piece to the success of your brand. Video is a fantastic way to reinforce that. Show off what it looks like to work inside your company on your website’s hiring page. This can effectively help potential hires decide if they fit your culture, separating the chaff before they even apply.

Continue the trend after hiring by using video in your training program. Trust us, no one wants to read hours of textbook operating procedures when starting a new job. The onboarding process for freelancers and outsourced agencies can be streamlined through video, too. A video is a great way to make your company’s hiring far more efficient.


Get bold with video this year, but don’t do it alone.

Your brand is going to need some strong video content this year, but that shouldn’t scare you. By reading this article, you’re already on track to be a huge success in 2018. Excellent work! We at Blueforest Studios want you to use video production in wise ways. If you contact us, we can quickly get you broadcasting your awesome services to the world.

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