Best Place To Film A Time Lapse Video In The Triangle

Time-lapse video can be tricky if you don’t have the right environment or subjects. With video production in North Carolina, you fortunately can access anywhere imaginable. Within hours you can venture from mountains to sea, skyscrapers to rural pastures. However, you don’t have to travel far outside the Triangle to find your perfect shot. As a local Raleigh video production company, we at Blueforest Studios want to share our favorite Triangle spots with you.

where to shoot timelapse video production in north carolina

Our pick for time-lapse video production in North Carolina: Downtown Durham

In making our decision, we’ve prioritized a few features you might find valuable in your time-lapse shots. You’ll find beautiful static environments, each with an active element that keeps your shot in motion over time. Best of all, there’s immense diversity in a compact area that makes changing locations a breeze. With all that said, we think it’s time to introduce you (or reacquaint you) with a locale that’s highly unique to our home.

Great for nature shots

Time-lapse shots of nature are a mainstay of outdoor videography. To get your nature shots, man-made green landscaping isn’t difficult to find in Downtown Durham. In fact, the American Tobacco Historic District is a choice location for this. You’ll find there’s a classic vibe that balances Mother Nature with touches of modern urbanism. Grassy city parks, floral spaces and handcrafted shrubbery are sprinkled throughout the area.
In terms of wooded spaces, Duke University’s East Campus is close by. It packs the more dense arbor life you’d expect from a Carolina college campus. For more natural landscapes, Sarah P. Duke Gardens is only a short distance from the heart of Downtown. This area is renowned for its gorgeous sights, especially in the Fall and Spring.

Great for footage of locals

If stock footage of local activity is your thing, Durham is bustling enough for your unique shots.
Pedestrian activity is frequent and constant throughout Downtown Durham. People from all over the world come to live, creating a strong diversity of culture. As a hotspot for much of the city’s activity, you’ll find restaurant fronts and more to capture. Vehicle traffic is just as bustling at most times of day, creating the perfect morning or evening commuter overviews.

Great for filming time-of-day

At differing times of day, the vantage points throughout the city make for a phenomenal time-lapsed video. This is the type of city that really does evolve as the day gives way to night. The American Tobacco Campus’ waterway can be perfect for capturing the transition from sparkling sunlight to glowing moonlight. Durham’s skylines are diverse as well, containing landmarks like the Old Bull neon sign at near Durham Bulls Athletic Park or the Lucky Strike water tower. These features stand out no matter when you’re filming, but they illuminate in striking ways that make for a standout moment in your production.

It’s time to get your perfect shot!

Time-lapse video production doesn’t have to be difficult if your scenery is already primed for it. Downtown Durham is a compact package for plenty of shots to choose. It can be as easy as jumping in and setting up shop, you just have to get in there! When you’re having trouble with staging your footage, you can easily pack up and move to an equally incredible location in moments.
If you ever have more video questions, come pay us a visit. We at Blueforest love having guests in our studio. You can easily set up a chat with us anytime. We’ll work one step at a time to connect your true vision with your audience.


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