Best Spots In The Triangle To Shoot Video? Try Durham!


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Sometimes it’s challenge to find the perfect location for your video shoot. Fortunately, you– as a local of North Carolina’s Triangle area– have a pristine choice of spots for your video marketing shoot. As a premier Raleigh video production company, we at Blueforest feel perfectly suited to show our home some love. If you’re searching for video production Raleigh NC or beyond, we’ll show you just where to get started.

Our Triangle (aka the Research Triangle) includes the booming cities of Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill. Today, we’ll highlight Durham. In your quest for videography gold, we want you to find spaces with diverse features. We also want your filming process to be relatively hassle-free. These locations may require permission before you film at the time you’re reading this, so always check before jumping in! With those things in mind, here are just a few spots that are brimming with opportunity.

American Tobacco Campus

Home to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, The American Tobacco Campus is one of many perfect places for your video. Seated right in the heart of downtown Durham, this collective of repurposed historic warehouses are now a hub for great eats and entertainment. This area is great for targeting a timeless city aesthetic for your footage.

Any footage– whether stock or scripted– can be enhanced by the Campus’ unique architecture and landscaping. Upon entry, you’ll find the industrial grit of the old complex contrasts beautifully with Durham’s culture and nature life. Neverending waterfalls spill into the stepped waterway traveling between the warehouses. The manicured shrubs and bright green grass fields contrast perfectly against rust-colored brick walls. This area also contains a landmark of Durham’s history: the legendary Lucky Strike water tower.

The area presents plenty footage options through events as well. Latin dancing nights at Cuban Revolution restaurant, wedding ceremonies, and even performance artists are frequent events in the Campus. So, no matter the day, it’s sure to make your video come alive. This location requires special permissions for shooting videos. You can read more about those requirements here.

Eno River State Park

The Eno River State Park is a mainstay of Durham’s nature scene and with good reason. The awe of North Carolina woodlands gives the opportunity for adventure, romance, and becomes a videographer’s dream.

If your film requires wildlife or just the serenity of nature, the Eno might be worth your time. Hiking through the area, you’ll discover wonders that you can’t find in Durham’s urbanite Downtown area. The Rock Quarry makes a nice cooldown for many local swimmers in Summer. West Point on the Eno is home to a striking waterfall and an weathered wooden mill. It’s not just the sights that are interesting. Visitors of all types come through here. You’ve got daring, bearded kayakers and weekend fishermen. You’ve also got jogging fitness fanatics, in addition to families looking for a little quiet from the city life.

You’ll have plenty of spaces to film as needed within the 3,900 acres this area provides. As an alternative to the concrete– well, “brick jungle” of the inner city, Eno River State Park is a solid place to get your ideal nature shot. This location may require a special events permit in order to film commercial video. This form and more information can be found here.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Finally, we arrive at a nice blend between pure nature and man-made design at Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Nestled in the forest of Duke University’s massive campus, the Gardens have become probably the most opportune place for great videos in the Triangle.

Once again, there’s plenty of diverse spaces and crowds to help you build the footage you need. The Duke Gardens pack a magic that attracts brides for their big day. It also draws international crowds for appreciating the beauty of flora and fauna year-round. The carefully curated plant life is a huge draw of this area, as is the landscaping. Koi ponds, a bamboo forest, and a massive tiered floral terrace are just some features of the Gardens. If you’re attempting to emulate another part of the country (or world), you may find some luck here.

Seasonal footage is a key feature of the Duke Gardens. As with most nature locales, Spring makes this location incredibly attractive. However, the abundance of trees makes Fall videos in Durham absolutely captivating. If you’re looking for outdoors shots, you’ll be pleased with the outcome if you film here. This location requires special permission for videography. Learn more shooting at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens here.

We at Blueforest Studios have your back for all video production Raleigh NC needs, from the Triangle’s hotspots, video tips, and more. Of course, you might just want someone to do the elaborate video production of your dreams. We do that too. Set up a chat or visit our studio anytime! We love to have guests.


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