The Tell All to Storytelling

Once upon a time in a Raleigh Video Production Studio lived Ammon, the creative director of Blueforest Studios. He stood before the internet and proclaimed his love for storytelling and shared what he knew with the curious people of the world.

People Love Stories

Whether it’s a book you just can’t put down, a classic film, or something you heard sitting around a campfire as a kid, you’ve experienced good story telling, and you’ve felt the impact it’s had on you.


We as human beings crave “drama” and “resolve.” It excites us. It drives us. It entertains us, and it can actually prompt us to take action. Which is why it’s one of the most effective ways to promote your brand and have people remember you.

Grabbing Their Attention

But wait, slow down, it’s not that easy…


Let’s be frank, our attention spans are dwindling. Knowing how to engage someone for even two minutes in a world where something is constantly vying for our attention is not easy…but it’s also not impossible, especially when you have the right tools and know how.

Having the Know-How

We, here at Blueforest Studios, happen to be experts at just that. Harnessing this art-form as a tool to enhance your brand is pretty powerful, and we want to help you do it in the most efficient way possible to get the results you’re looking for.

So we’re informally inviting you on a journey to learn the where, when, why, and how we do what we do: tell stories. Stories that inform, evoke emotion, and drive action. Stories that make you laugh, cry, and think. Most importantly stories that engage you and leave you wanting more.

Stay tuned for the continuation of our storytelling series. Can’t wait? Contact us now. We’d love to help tell your story!

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